Real Peace Awards winners

I am watching the celebrated news about the Noble Prize award being given to the courageous Malala. In such a world were there is so little peace and genuine peace efforts, finding a Peace Prize winner is not easy. After all the shame of awarding a peace prize to Obama and his alikes make peace stay in the perspective of Peace Business. Malala represents a future of youth fighting intentionally or instinctively towards freedom and dignity, and this deserves a prize of peace in a lost world of wars. But rethinking it, I think…. The winner for the real peace prizes are those Palestinian mothers and fathers who lost their loved ones under Israeli incursions and still believe in a higher justice that will bring justice one day despite oppression and non perishing pain. For every single Palestinian who lost a loved one, who has been arrested or detained, whose property has been stolen, confiscated or demolished. To every Palestinian who still holds the key to his house back home and insists on carrying the dream of return. To every Palestinian who endures a checkpoint and insists not to accept it as a given lifestyle. To every Palestinian who wakes up on the view of the wall limiting the skies. To any Palestinian who still insists that one day freedom will come, and yet believe in peace… To those Palestinians, who still believe in peace I nominate peace awards. To all Palestinians who strive like Malala to just live as normal human being, with basic human rights.


    1. the world in parts of it seems not to see us as human beings yet … we r a product for donation campaigns for the UNRWA and Relief organisations and of course weapon companies….

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