What is it that makes people join Daesh

What is it that makes people join Da’esh ISIS?

The last weeks have been with increasing articles telling many stories of people joining Da’esh from Europe.

Whether it from Europe or from Jordan or Turkey or elsewhere. What makes young people join the forces of a group that calls for slaughtering? What is the message that is so compelling to these people that makes them leave their lives and jeaperodazie crossing borders and go serve the mission of Da’esh? My naïve mind imagines an advertisement that pops up on the screens of those young people’s computer that says: “ How many human beings do you wish to kill? A unique opportunity to hunt down a human. Who wants to hunt a deer or a bird? A thrilling experience. A unique experience to try all your thriller movies live and on the ground. Real Blood, Real victims.”

Or is there another message that we are missing being delivered by Da’esh? Looking into the faces of some made me ask this question, two young Muslim women from Austria joined them lately. Looking at the faces of these girls, they don’t look like blood hunting young women. Is it a con boyfriend that convinces them and brainwashes them into the benefits of the after life? Or is there something missing inside current societies that are making these young people going seeking something else. Seek the extreme.

Even when the concept of Al Qaida and their jihad was promoted in the nineties, it was a concept of fighting some defined enemy. Young or old people would join believing that by liberating Afghanistan from the communists and later the American it was part of fighting for God’s word. But God’s word then was imperialism vs. freedom. What does Da’esh represents except murdering people in primitive methods?

As much as the whole concept of Da’esh is destructive. I personally (naively as well) still believe it is not a real group (a made up stunt from the CIA and others). It is not them that worry me. The fact that there are people who are buying what they preach is the dangerous element. The fact that people find some salvation in their message that brings them to their dungeons of darkness crossing oceans and seas is the horrific thing.


  1. Nadia… If you don’t mind, I will use this as part of a post I’m writing on my blog, for tomorrow’s Pearl; I’d like to link to this to show people how the events in the Middle East are affecting the people who are involved, whether they wish to be or not…. and, to comment on the answer to the question you pose here…. You may enjoy it…. It should be posted by about 7 AM on the 13th, California time…. I would have hit the LIKE button, but, I don’t see it… so, I did share this on Twitter so my followers there will see it…

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    1. seriously , it is troubling me .. r we having a generation that wants to kill? i feel like watching a movie. too much blood that has been seen in movies and the art of killing , maybe is doing this . some decades a go kids wanted to become bruce lee and karate kid . this generation watched schwarzeneger, stallone, cruise….

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