De-Constructing Gaza

De- Constructing Gaza

Yes… it is not reconstruction … Those who destroy gather and take money under the name of construction to rebuild the destruction they caused .

And we should thank them ..

This whole thing OF GAZA , ON Gaza , seems like an organized set up . Seriously , how much is everyone except the poor people of Gaza , of Palestine suffer and continue to suffer.

The homeless remain homeless , no shelters except the regular offer

old tents with new colors maybe .

The injured will continue to suffer .

Mothers, fathers , daughters, sons, relatives , friends will continue to cry their losses of a daughter, a son, a mother ,a father , relative or a friend .

The dead remains dead .

And those who initiated war , supported war , supplied the war , and some brokers on behalf of the destroyed victims continue to gather , to collect the prize for their destruction under the name or reconstruction .

It is a moment when I feel that words ..

Any word is meaningless.


  1. There are striking parallels to how U.S. corporations profited immensely from the destructions it’s military caused in Iraq.

    There are no words for these vultures.

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