Sir… we didn’t get married in order to be hesitant about a divorce

Sir, we didn’t get married in order to be hesitant about a divorce….uhhhhh

I started reading this article and at some point I stopped and simply couldn’t.

Another reflection on what should I call. Loss of direction in our leadership? Not really, it is not just about that.

I can understand that a mere citizen like me, can sit and moan, promote, preach, say stupid ideas and comments about Israel and the relation with Israel. But when it is a top official saying this it makes me mourn on our situation thousands of times more.

Since when did we marry Israel to get a divorce? If there is a relationship between Israel and us it is a rape relationship. To come with the realization that we have to accept the child we carried out of this rape is a different issue.

But Palestinian officials worried to have a clean divorce with Israel are just another pathetic statement.

Actually. No need to say more… now you can read the pathetic words of Palestinian nice warm peace loving officials.

And if this makes me more of a radical… Yes I am .


  1. I hope your stress can one day fade. It seems no matter where we live we lack true leaders who represent the citizens of their domain. The innocent civilians take the most casualties of any conflict. I wish you could live in a more peaceful environment for your family.

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