Don’t take me too personal on this one .. it is just another state of incoherence

It is one of those many times that I am avoiding to look dark, or even look at the news…

Aggression on al-Aqsa, the reconstruction conference, aggression on olive harvesters.

And then we applaud the British parliament for recognizing Palestine.

Sorry, I don’t want to be cynical, and let me start from here, the softest piece of news.

Britain’s MP vote by 274 to 12 for recognizing Palestine as a state alongside Israel… the headline of all the news. Yes, it is a great piece of news, in the absence of justice, common sense in this world. But isn’t it quite absurd to thank Britain for its recognition to what it originally started in creating the state of Israel?

I am soft using the word stupid… it is ironic, cynical; it mounts to a joke, a bad joke, that one state declares the creation of a state that didn’t exist some less than a hundred years ago. Giving itself the right to determine the future or the no future of a whole nation. To bring one in and to wipe one away. And then I have to feel grateful for the same people who started my misery, suffering, continuous oppression, suppression and unending diaspora to recognize that I am entitled to a state.

But yet… thank you, Britain. I shouldn’t behave like the so –called Palestinians whom you give your hand and grab the arm.

Let’s go to the heavier news;

Some news that is unavoidable,

After three days of writing this, what is happening in Jerusalem regarding al-Aqsa mosque is horrific. Yes. The word is horrible. It has been escalating the past week tremendously. Those criminals never stop their attempts of incursions at any given opportunities. But this time it seems different. My conspiracy mind is racing. The annoying silence of the Arab world is worse than their silence on the war in Gaza.

But I am stopped again to think. What should we expect … the loss of innocent lives didn’t move them? The brutality, viciousness, criminal acts that befell on Gaza didn’t affect them. Why would some stones do?

I always perceived this willingness to kill oneself for a holy site with some reservation, believing that if these places are the places of God, God doesn’t need protection from his people. People need God’s protection. God can protect his properties if he wishes.

Yesterday Abu Mazen was interviewed somewhere, saying that he strongly is against military responses (from our side, I guess he meant). And he had some relatively affected language with that of his in the UN last month. Admittingly, nothing that comes out of him interests me, so to the very least, it cannot also impress me. However, in his statements, he mentioned Jerusalem as the capital……….. The common discourse and I were thinking. He condemns Israel as if Israel is a neighbor.He talks about Jerusalem as if it is on another continent. The feeling of it all is what matters not the number of words and sentences he made. The Argentinian President gave more genuine feelings than him. After all, she is in Argentina.

I always seize to stop and complain about the Arab World, because our leadership is not far distant in its isolation from what is happening than them.

But again, al-Aqsa, this sacred shrine that represents the power of Islam since it’s making. The secret word that one just needed to mention to sparkle demonstrations in every street in the Arab world.

But again, Syria, Iraq, Libya, Yemen … Syria’s pride of Umayyad heritage, Iraq’s Abbasid Heritage. All that precious, impressive heritage has been destroyed with no remorse, compassion or mercy to what it may represent to those who held it close to the representation of their beliefs or to what marked and made the exclusivity of that heritage. Why would we expect anyone to move with compassion and awe to the Aqsa?

The Aqsa at this moment represents nothing but another monument in the intolerance, arrogance, blindness, short-sightedness, and ignorance of the Arab culture.

Societies that failed to value the lives of their people fell easily into the trap of sects and fundamentalism and racism is worthless and will just continue to be self-destructive.

The Da’esh phenomenon is nothing but a virus that is spreading inside an already sick body that is just speeding its tainted molding.

It is another important lesson for us Palestinians … Today, Jerusalemites, or those who reside in Jerusalem …

The only one that can help us is we. It is our bodies that are paying the prices and lives. And yes, don’t expect a Salahiddeen, among ourselves we are also conspiring against the Kurds. The Mahdi is a Shiite, and he is not coming. The rest we know are part of this string that may be called Imperialist, Zionist, colonialist, whatever…

So stop moaning and be ready to pay the price of confrontation with the enemy. The occupation.

And yes I know, tens of injuries or even dead will not wake us up …

So, reconsidering my opening paragraph.

Apologies, Britain. Chapeaux.

You have accomplished hundreds of time more than what the Arab world have achieved.

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