A tale of oppression and resistance..

A tale of oppression and resistance

Today, another Palestinian life lost …in cold blood murder.
The reason, sarcastically, running over Israeli (probably) pedestrians in Jerusalem.
Another time, Israel doesn’t give us even a chance to be saddened for their loss of lives, to regret, to sympathize or empathize…
Because, again and again, Israel takes the law immediately by anyone’s hand.
Because a Palestinian is always a potential terrorist, and killing him is an act of saving Israeli lives.
My statement could look cynical to an Israeli reader or sympathizer.
But sadly again, this is what is left for us Palestinians.
When life is stripped away from you, and it only becomes a life of oppression. Resistance becomes the only means.
And here again, resistance takes a form of what will be called terror.
You will not understand what it means to sacrifice your own life into an unplanned anonymous act such as running over people in your car unless you live as a Palestinian. A Palestinian today who lives in Jerusalem
For all those, who enjoy the illusion of living under the auspices of a discriminating occupation? One day, oppression, injustice, humiliation get to your every single sense of existence and sabotage it and transform it, into a state of oppressed depression that result in what we have been witnessing in the last weeks.
Israeli settlers, fanatics, whatever they might be called, accompanied by Israeli soldiers started the red-lined provocation at the ends of what is supposed to be holy holidays fro both religions and decided that the temple mount will be resurrected on their own hands right inside the Aqsa.
With continued incursions, assaults, demolitions, expulsions, arrests, detains, fines, that almost reached all Jerusalemites from one side and continues assaults on olive harvesting season whether by burnings, lynching, theft, or killing as well as “accidental” continuous car running’s over Palestinian children, the basic reaction seemed to be another act of taking a higher law into account, into a mission that is undefeatable in the hearts of its beholders… defending God’s dignity on earth, Palestinians seem to force a new fact on the ground ..
A resistance that is harsh, brutal, and murderous … that reaches all…
A resistance that takes away life from someone who realized that life has been taken away from him, in the absence of weak leadership, brutal oppression, and eternal occupation.
Life becomes just another determined death.
Another sad day …
For both,
The victim and the murderer.
Another case where the victim is a murderer as well … and the murderer is a victim.
Another case when injustice becomes a law… and resistance becomes the duty… a duty of another form.
A dark, deadly, harsh, disastrous form…

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