1. As i read your posts day in day out, i find so much pain in what you write. Mysteriously i feel connected to your sighs and strangely feel the helplessnes that you speak off. There are days when i dont click at the link to your blog so as to avoid the awkward feelings i have to suffer from after reading it. You literally make me feel the guilt of being a human. Unfortunately , all i can do is like your posts (which in itself is ironic as like might not be the right word to express what i feel after reading them) and maybe share a few to satisfy my concious. May Allah bring peace to beautiful kingdom, amen.

    1. i have to say , that your comment made me stop , share with friends , and somehow feel sad (with a smile of course) that i caused u this suffering … I myself try to make it less dramatic , but it remains as dramatic as it is …
      thank u for ur feelings)

      1. Ohh nadia, im so sorry if i made you feel sad. All i wanted to convey was how your words have a deep impact on me as a reader and my inabilities to do anything to help you out. Similarly my search for a hint of optimism in your posts is again a personal thing so that i can hope that things are improving and there exists a fantastical notion of justice for those who are patient and forebearing. Maybe to help.me sleep well, when im surrounded by the thought that what if i were in your place and what if it were my children and my sisters and brothers. We like to believe in happy endings, i dont know why but we do. As a stand alone perspective what you do is very important, not just for you, for me for everybody else that suffers from injustice. Please dont stop sharing, please dont feel sad anymore than you are already have to. I admire your courage and your subtle expression its not dramatic its just the reflection of the attrocities. Please keep sharing. Thanks

      2. We are strange beings, we humans, feeling connected even through even pain is better than being engrossed in our personal selfish pursuits. I’m glad i stumbled upon your blog and im glad that i feel the pain. Thanks

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