Marathon in revenge

A marathon in revenge

Last night we slept on the sad stories about the murder of Youssef Rammouni, interviews with his bereaved father and wife, who were crying out their defense not grieve. It was another unfair time even for death. It wasn’t enough that people lose their loved ones. A loss that can never and will never be redeemed, but not giving them the proper space to grieve. Just grieve. The usual engine of marketing the Israeli crimes and covering them up, in what perpetrates the situation into a worse scenario. What irritates me is our continuous falling in that trap. We follow their agendas in perpetrating our side of the story each time unconsciously.

This morning we woke up on the news of yet another murder. This time Ghassan and Audai. A different tone, a different murder. The two are alleged killers of an assault on a synagogue this morning.

While the image of murdered innocent people performing their prayers is an act of terror and is unacceptable. After all, this is an image we Palestinian live through daily, watching innocent people being killed in mosques and inside their sanctuaries of their own homes. The killing of the two killers is yet another act of terror.

It was just one night that separates the two terror incidents, the strangling of Youssef who was on duty, and shooting people in prayer. But yet again, the terrorists in the first incident are not even tracked or investigated. It has already been decided by the Israeli authorities that the victim is his own killer. And the alleged terrorists in the other incident were immediately liquefied and their families and neighborhood are under complete siege.

As the news continue to invade in our brains into how much should we condemn or sympathize the killing of innocents as Palestinians. Admittedly, we may take an opportunity to tell the world while it is focusing on the vicious murder of innocent praying Jews, to stress to the world that killing of people is vicious in all cases. The continuous targeting to Palestinians, the execution, is not less vicious than the killing of praying people. Do I have to remind the world with the Abrahamic mosque murder when tens were killed in the same timing as this one, the difference is that the Israeli murderer was found insane, and a memorial is set where he committed his murder. Whereas the Palestinians where found terrorists and were executed on the spot. Not only that the whole family is persecuted including the neighborhood.

It is not that I want to justify the actions of the Palestinians versus the Israelis. But I couldn’t but take the two acts and think of the ones who committed it. I am a Palestinian and I understand the pain, the frustration, the injustice that makes a Palestinian perhaps forget any human affair and think of revenge in an act that he knows will end his own life. What makes the Israeli kill a Palestinian in the same manner of revenge, when he has a whole land that he controls which is for the Palestinians, he is the one who is armed, he is the one who has an army, police and state force to protect him.

Israel however doesn’t want to realize that the language of force cannot last forever. Force is the womb of terror.


  1. My heart goes out to you as it does to any person who has to suffer what you have to suffer through daily. I can’t possibly know your pain, but I understand terror very well. Finally at the age of almost 50 I finally began receiving treatment for nightmares and blackouts caused by untreated PTSD that I incurred as a child when there were three separate attempts made on my life by the time I was 8 years old. I still wake up screaming at times, but I still feel much worse for those like you whose terror has not yet stopped. My prayers are all I have to give, but I give them freely, and continually. I’m sorry there is nothing more that I can do.

    1. thank u … somehow , no one can really feel the pain and the suffering of the other … it is so uniquely individual.. what we can all the time do is try to identify, get closer to feeling , understanding ,relate to what it is all about … interestingly .. it makes us closer to being what we are: HUMANS

  2. There are many deep, elemental aspects of personal and social well-being that are violated by violence. This should be very troubling for those leaders who order death as a solution. Unfortunately, most perpetrators remain coldly indifferent.

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