my heart cries you Gaza

Another gloomy winter day .
I never liked winter, after all I am a woman engraved under the sun .
But this winter’s coldness and wind , generous rain , seem like a threatening thunder that awakens the murdered souls and bodies that are yet to perish in Gaza.
This continuous cycle of injustice to the people of that courageous strip of a wounded Palestine that seems to never be able to heal .
My body finds itself in an involuntarily feeling of awe and a flush of coldness inside the warmth of my coat as I think for instances of the children and people there managing to survive another day….
Another day under a sky that doesn’t cover their nakedness anymore.
A sea that is raging in despair .
An earth that is overwhelmed with agony and exasperation and ongoing pain .
My heart only cries you Gaza…
Children of Gaza…


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