Israel elections and Palestinian “reform” government

Israel is getting ready for new elections ..
Palestinians are discussing the effectiveness of the new “temporarily” “unity “government ,and whether a ministerial reform is needed.
Since Oslo and the making of the Palestinian Authority two elections took place ( with a few local elections on the sides) .
In 1996 , Parliamentary and General Elections took place, in which Arafat became president .
In 2005-6 , the Legislative and general elections took place, in what was marked the last elections since then .
It could be that elections in Palestine will take place every decade. or vis a vis “until death do us part” concept.
We had however, in between and around (8 years period) the two decades of the Palestinian Authority 17 governments ; 8 since the last elections.
Israel , from the other side is , preparing itself for an upcoming elections , that ail take place, despite the fractions, the problems and all.
While our elections take place every decade( I am really hoping we can at least maintain a pattern) . The upcoming elections in Israel will be the fourth since 2006.
it seems however that israel exaggerates in its what seems to be every two years elections , even though it is not a surprise knowing the Israeli way after every major aggression and mass killings of Palestinians. there seems to be a synergy between the israeli elections and the Palestinian “temporarily” “continuous” “reform” governments. Israel go to elections in a ration of every two years in a decade ,and we do multiple change in governments once a year in a decade.

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