Change : Black and White

Change: Black and White

I remember two major global events that really brought happiness the moment they were announced. Egypt’s overthrowing to Mubarak, and Obama’s winning presidency the first time.

The phrase Yes We Can!! Was an empowerment that reached out as blood in veins? That moment of challenge to everything. Against all odds … a black becomes a president of the United States of America.

As disappointments ran along … higher in their dimensions probably because of the higher expectations. Mubarak is now free and his regime is prospering in different suits. Obama proved that it was him alone that could. He didn’t really share the globalism of the change his presence brought, except for very limited moments.

As we are watching what is taking place now in Ferguson, and this painful discrimination against black people. And yes, it brings me closer as a Palestinian to see my oppression in another color. Inside a country that is supposed to represent freedom and equality to the least among its people.

What is worse. among all…?

Is that this is taking place under a black president!!!!!!!!!


  1. Those are some difficult shoes in which you have to walk, and I really don’t know if I have ever been strong enough to make even a short journey while wearing your footwear. But i have never been afraid of a challenge, and there are ways in which I can try. Not always effectively, and certainly not always successfully. But I try nonetheless. Reading your writing, and trying to understand it and relate to it is just one small way in which I can try, and so I shall. So keep on writing, and I’ll read you some more later.

  2. Unfortunately, Obama is just one man. And even though his birth father was black, he was raised by white people, educated in white systems, and quite effective in winning in a white system. The one thing he did not deserve was the Nobel Peace Prize. And yes, he has not advanced the cause of black people well. But, he has been fighting an uphill battle in terms of Republican opposition and Democrat ineffectiveness. It is sad what happened in Ferguson and New York. But what is good is that it has finally reached international eyes. Racism, bigotry, injustice, prejudice run rampant in the USA. And although some black people have achieved wealth and fame, so many continue to suffer. And in a way it is good it is happening with a black president, so people can see the ineffectiveness of the trickle down theory. I am more upset about Obama’s failure to take a stronger stand against Israel, now while he can. When he leaves office, I think we will see him and/or his wife do some innovative things for black youth. But, he only has a couple of years left to use his office to end the economic and military support of Israel.

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