a letter from another space

this is not just a title .
it is a real letter from another space.
I am still taken aback figuring it out . The answer would be definitely far simpler than my imaginative mind.
My colleague handed me a letter today that was received by mail . I was opening it carelessly thinking of who would send me a letter from Israel written in Arabic . My surprise went on to see the hand written letter; which before even thinking of browsing it looked personal . To realize shortly later that it was sent from prison .
there is nothing in the letter that I was able to really grasp in its one page details that meant absolutely nothing ,except some reflections of someone over his own feelings about life and then thanking me and wishing me a great life ,appreciating me ..
the signature held the name of a prisoner .
Going back to the envelope, it was easier to realize that the non understood word was the word prison in the address.
As I still cannot figure out why would a prisoner send me a letter . It could be as simple as ,he must have read some of my articles. This by itself ,is a reason to stop me and throw me in an avalanche of time . Thinking of all those who are out there,whom we don’t know about , and among them those behind Israeli jails; who seem to grasp any breath of the outer world of ours.
Somehow, no matter how simple it could all be .. I feel taken away inside my emotions … speechless…clueless…overwhelmed.photo 2


    1. no.. it is overwhelming … in many ways . somehow a reminder about people who spend their lifetime under injustice that gives somehow justice to the outside world

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