News and life ,between elections and security coordination

News and life between elections and security coordination

This is what life looks like recently in the news; it is either the upcoming Israeli elections or the topic of security coordination from the Palestinian side.
It is not that I want to be sarcastic, but sarcasm keeps imposing itself on the situation. Somehow this unconscious merge in what is going on between two media outlets that oppose one another. My feeling is like Gazans and Sderot people. That image in my head when Israelis were complaining about rocket firing from Gaza to Sderot. I always imagined how the scenario took place. How an oppressed, deprived, miserable Palestinian maybe looking from the wall of his house or remains of a house into his neighbors’ swimming pools and parties. In the end, the unfortunate neighbor starts harassing the happy, wealthy friend.
As usual, my imaginative scenarios could be as naïve as my perception of reality.
This switching between Israeli and Palestinian media in this timing is giving me this feeling. I feel envious of the Israelis for having another election when we don’t even have elections on the horizon. My imagination takes me to the CEC (central elections commission), and I imagine them waiting, bored from waiting, and at some point when a real election comes to a view they will not be ready because they will assume it was another false call.
Instead, our leadership uses another tragedy to consume us with another non-major issue. And again it reminds me of the Goldstone scandal when all Palestinians suddenly were supposed to understand UN resolutions, and they were suddenly informed of their status in the UN and the International community, and later we had to be notified about the ICC, and we became experts on negligence for another time.
In this circle of foggy unknown status, I am not sure who should be blamed more. The leadership, the media or the people. What the media exports, is it part of a systematic operation of imposing and maintain negligence on the people by the leadership? Or the media is nothing but a reflection of the society. Does it speak the language that the people understand?

How come we continue to fail to have a clear, decent, coherent analysis of the situation that stands out once and talks on behalf of the position without swinging from leadership to people?
It should be related to the naivety aspect that is inherited. After all, I just cannot be a unique case of naivety … it is a particular gene that contributes a lot to the Palestinian identity.
After all, we are a nation that has been occupied, stripped out of its land by bits and pieces, lived under continuous expulsion, and until this very day, doesn’t know what exactly took place, and still dreams of a life of normality one day under statehood. Any statehood by now.
Oh…. Security coordination …what does it mean , and who’s security are we talking about? Another naïve stop.


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