Bullying games ..

I am not sure how funny the situation is. The pressure that the idea of Palestinians submitting to the UNSC for a resolution that aims to ask for a full Israeli withdrawal from the 1967 borders. (My question remains, which 1967 borders exactly, with the wall, or without, inside or outside, highways, settlements, ….all those “minor facts on the ground issues).

A move that will likely be received by an American VITO, however, this is the first time ever, that Americans are hesitant in how they are willing to put forward their VITO, which seems like an accomplishment!!!!

Maybe it is also true; the time is ripe from the Palestinian side to go with such a move. Israel is isolated and condemned for its unprecedented outrageous violence and crimes against Palestinians in scandalous forms. The last months witnessed an international move towards such a recognition that started by Sweden, and is rolling by many other countries. Even though, I believe that time was ripe two years ago, and twenty years ago as well.

What is sarcastically funny is the Israeli bullying behavior. I cannot but laugh with awe listening to Netanyahu’s cries and his spokes people screams and nagging threatening Palestinians and the universe for ….for what?

Ok, they have actually reasons; for violating the accords signed together, meaning Oslo. We Palestinians are finally, for goodness sake is violating that sacred agreement. And Netanyahu is really worried that this move will threaten the peace process!!! He is actually right, what we have is a peace process. The processing of this peace feels like meat in a butchery that comes out as salami.

From one side Netanyahu’s diplomacy works on bullying Palestinian from inside and the international community from one side, and he personally takes the mission of bullying the US from the other side.

The funny thing in all this is that he dares to speak … and the sarcastic thing is that he finds audience …and the tragedy is that he gets away with it his way.

The good news for us is … that we already know it all, so we will not be surprised, not even disappointed. Another good news is, that, Netanyahu is really pissed off.

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