Peace of Death

Peace of Death

The first news that came even before coffee today was, the killing of another Palestinian young man (21) from Qalandia refugee camp early this morning while the Israeli army made an incursion there.

I don’t know if it was the morning serenity and its effect, or the scenes of last night ending of the Australian café siege with horror accompanying faces of the besieged getting out that made me look into the face of this young martyr and really taking a long observing look that all my instincts were resisting to see a calming peace in his closed now dead eyes, with blood still not dry coming from his mouth, but a scene of absolute serenity was overwhelmingly present.

I always avoid photos of dead people. But somehow, when it becomes headlines, it is unavoidable, and this is the third photo I have seen in the last week, that some the same “attraction” towards looking at it drew me in.
The third death scene was something that was on YouTube yesterday also, for an Italian singer who had a heart attack while he was singing, and he shortly died after. It was unbelievable to see it and realize it was really happening.
When thinking of Ziad Abu Ein last moments, he loud words. This young man is said to have been killed while trying to prevent the Israeli army from entering the camp by throwing some explosives on the army. The singer was playing on his piano singing loud.
How suddenly silence takes over. As if a message says: “ take it easy, relax, it is over. Everything will be Ok now”. This is what I saw on the freshly dead face of this young man.
Maybe, there is real peace in death after all….


  1. There is a simple saying here in America, “Life is tough and then you die”! The saying picks out two points in everyone’s life that seem to be defining moments. Life is a struggle, in some ways, but I’d like to add that life is precious. None of us should squander a single moment or take those moments for granted. Live as though each moment might be your last. And then you die!

      1. As a Christian I’m never supposed to entertain the thought of taking my own life, yet I live in Oregon where there is a law that allows assisted suicide for the terminally ill. Americans, terminally ill in other states that don’t have such a law, literally move here so that they may end their own existed, in dignity. It’s a conflict!

      2. it is a conflict….
        there is definitely no entertainment in the thought of death.. but thinking of it , since death is a must … maybe we should start rethinking it ))

  2. Life is tied to death. I recently read death described as a gift to life. Animals die for us to eat. Our decaying bodies nourish the earth. It is a transition in the continuation of the energy of our consciousness.

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