Equality in pain : birth and death

Equality in pain: birth and death

I started this sentence thinking of what I always call the only two existing miracles of life, how each is accompanied by unbearable pain, but yet , is always served in time by life itself and the virtue of healing , not through forgetting .

I grew up hearing the word forgetting is a cure to all pains . Forgetting is not a virtue because it doesn’t exist when it comes to pain . It is healing .. our bodies are healed by time after birth , and the pain of losing in death is healed by learning probably the meaning of life itself , that is bigger than birth and death .

Somehow , miraculously , there seems to be an equality by both birth and death . in the pain they share before and during their arrival . and in the adaptation towards the new reality they force in our lives. The acceptance that you can do nothing but accept and move on , happily or with grief… usually the choice is ours.

Somewhere , this balance inside the existence of the only two real facts of life . bringing someone to life and taking someone out of life.

That notion of equality , not co-existence….

Equality in the power of the presence and the absence .

Equality in the lack of choice.

Equality in the joy and grief.

Equality in the pain that accompanies…. And yet somehow dwells…


  1. Beautifully said…. and, so powerfully true.

    How we choose to meet life, and death, is the ONLY choice we have in reality, I believe… Achieving a balance between our pain and joy is the key to happiness; accepting both is the key which allows us to walk through the door to find it….

    You have learned well what many never even think of….


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