Terror’s religion is Evil

Today was another day marked by many massacres that reached Paris. As the world would also ignore the massacres of tens in Yemen and probably others that were also massacred today in Syria and in Iraq, the cruel killing of the journalists in Paris only reminds us , that cruelty of crimes, especially those that end in massacres remain too painful and leave us always with bitterness.
A footage on the attack was released some moment ago showing the shooting, where two armed men stop the car in the middle of the road in front of the Newspaper building , kill the policemen in the street with cold blood ,and go back to their car and leave.
As usual the tone in blaming muslims and islamic terror groups started to fill the air . It could be more than sarcastic to have killed the Journalists not for the cartoons that offended prophet Mohammad some years ago, and stirred a lot of muslim sentiments ( which i totally disagree with , and have nothing with any freedom of expression, even though ,I believed it was ridiculous to make a cartoon that offends a character that died 1500 years ago and holds lot of importance to those who believe in him ), but for the caricature that offended the Baghdadi , the leader of ISIS some days ago .
Maybe this is a good proof to prove that ISIS has nothing to do , either with Muslims nor with Islam . Especially that Muslims around the world hovered against the same Newspaper years ago for something major , but their threats never reached killing.
however, as with all times, Islam has to be the criminal , there were quick accusations and testimonies of hearing Allahu Akbar by the criminals, even though the footage doesn’t show passerby people in the area or any person left alive from that scene.
Maybe, coming from a region were death is just about numbers ,and victims accumulate in statistics only , my words sound unsympathetic. when in reality , my heart cried for those who fell today and their families, in estrange swift maybe in what may become the internationalisation of terror. the difference in this case is the whole issue of ISIS , which I will not be surprised to know that they stand behind the crime of today . But as governments of the world watched and some of them helped create ISIS and plant it in the middle east , they arrogantly believed that the root of that evil will stay in the east , ignoring the fact that many of this terrorist group masterminds and volunteers were coming from the west ( regardless if they were born as muslims ,they were raised by and within western standards) . What we witnessed from ISIS in the last year since its sudden emergence and strange power and wealth only provides an epic image of a backward medieval desert behaviour within a western twenty first technology and pathetic minds, that grew up with hollywood action movies and video games of a virtual reality that all the psychopathic criminals that joined it seemed eager to fulfill criminal aspirations.
As somehow, we all stand today condemning such a brutal crime , that cannot be justified.. let’s pray that the people of the world start seeing all the people of this world as fellow human beings, whose lives carry the same importance , value , and each life that is wasted leaves behind many lives with pain and misery that stays more than what a life can handle… A moment when we not only condemn terror , but fight it … Terror has no religion … ISIS is a group of gangsters who should be stopped and fought before they continue their evil spread around us …
My prayers remain with the families and beloved of the victims of today…


    1. Thank you for reading it the way i meant it … it worries me to see this “defense” on Islam , trying to prove the innocence of a religion from the deeds of people.
      I dont think Islam needs defense. ISlam needs people that will just behave like normal people .

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