Palestine Got Talent

Arab Got Talent and Palestine

Before I personalize life into Palestine (as usual). I have to say that I seriously like this show. Being the real not TV fan, except on such shows and Turkish series upon my kid’s intimacy with following one, maybe my reaction to watching the show is childish … In any case, I enjoy watching every bit of it …
Most importantly is the idea, that I honestly wish the organizers of the show had in mind after of course the millions they will be making out of it, in bringing Arab youth out and together. Seeing Arab young people from the diaspora joining the program connecting for a chance of fame maybe or exposure. Whatever. But most importantly with their origin… Each time it is an incredible opportunity for me as an Arab viewer to see that. It is also a real moment of pride that one’s roots always bring him back. Even through a show.
What is more important of course, is the fact that the program opens an opportunity for the younger generation, and somehow all generations to pursue a dream … and often dream.
OF course, the plan reflects an important indicator of the reality f the Arab youth, of their definitions to their goals and expectations. It is an important indicator of what actually exist in talents.
But again. This program gives a unique opportunity for Palestinians to appear. Not just in their abilities and capacities but with their cause.
Today, the Palestinian group from Gaza, who included both youth and children in its musical piece, proved once again, that being Palestinian is a Cause. It is not just cause. It is a just cause. In a time when the Arab world is shattered in pieces and in blood all over, the Palestinian issue shouldn’t and isn’t the only problem anymore… but yet it remains to be a cause that defines what it means to insist on existing.
Palestinians insist on proving once again, what it means to be resilient.
The moment the group entered, all Gaza was present on the stage. We viewers were watching crying humanity from one side, admiring that incredible resilience of coming all the way … and for so many reasons. The way from Gaza is a way through yet another struggle. A path surrounded with destruction and rubbles. With checkpoints, with restrictions, with real suffering and challenge…
And yet. Amid the destruction and inside what is still rubble. Those youngsters came out with their instruments and their voices, and they were able to perform… and play with pride, art, music and a cause. With each word sung, with each note played. The tears of the boy while performing. The tears of everyone backstage, front stage, performers, and viewers … were tears of pride. That life insists on being. Despite all
Notwithstanding the damage that the unjust war caused
Notwithstanding the pain that each one of them holds
Despite the weakness of their leadership
Despite the corruption … the fight… the fragmentation.
Despite the blind eyes and hearts of the world
Notwithstanding the absence of Arab unity
Despite the continuous destruction and occupation
A Palestinian’s resilience teaches a whole new meaning to life …
It is a Palestinian resilience inside such youth that deserved the golden buzz of the show.

PS. the group included a girl … yes (also to my surprise) a girl in a musical group “unveiled” from Gaza !!!!

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  1. That was so heart warming and uplifting. I’m grateful to be crying for happiness for these Gazan youth. There is such joy in this program and warmth – not like the American shows. And it looks like the girl was playing the drum. Thanks for sharing this.

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