living in a world of comics and hypocrisy

Living in a world of comics and hypocrisy….
je ne suis pas Charlie … Je suis Gaza

As the issue of Charlie is still on top of news. Netanyahu successfully won in making the best caricature of the situation. It is almost funny, not just pathetic to see it all with no need for any imagination of a cartoonist. As much as I would have loved to focus on Mahmoud Abbas being there, again, like all who were there in the first row or any row, and since Mahmoud Abbas always gave me this sensation, that the man is good, but his ideal state or the state he should run is Switzerland not Palestine. When again, the scenes of Gaza, and the non stop killings and death of Palestinians all over the region doesn’t move him, and the killing of a dozen of Journalists makes him take the first plane and join a rally, when he failed to take out the street in Ramallah and go out in such a rally, or even less than that, he didn’t allow people to demonstrate for the killings that continued to take place during the previous deadly summer.
I will not mention Paris who also made its best not to allow people to demonstrate the massacres in Gaza. No need to mention King Abdullah of Jordan who literally disappeared almost until the invasion was over. Merkel who amid the invasion was closing a deal in selling israle more weapons for the destruction of the Palestinian people.
And then comes Netanyahu,
Where would anyone need to start? Thankfully, he made a fool out of himself, and the world was “again” witnessing, and again he would careless. He had one mission, to be there (despite not being invited), and not to mention how he was waiting for the bus like the pathetic person he is, and how he squeezed himself into the first row and his pathetic intervention and speech to the Jews of France….
Ignoring that his crimes and his government’s have been witnessed by the whole world last summer. His massacres resulted in killing 17 Journalists in Gaza during the invasion that not a single world leader raised a world of condemnation for…. That is why Netanyahu behaves like an ostrich; the same leaders who ignored his crimes were walking hands in hand with him last week in Paris. These same people shied to say a word of condemnation for journalists, who were killed on TV screens for working as reporters, not as cartoonists who were making fun out of the world and persistently provoking Muslims. Netanyahu himself ignored his own war against the magazine accusing them for being anti Semitic upon using his picture in the war.
The Palestinian Cartoonist Saba’neh who was sentenced to prison for five months by his government.
Last and not least … sarcastically, or fatefully it doesn’t matter …these murders reminded the hypocrite world of the assassination of the Palestinian Cartoonist Naji al Ali in London, outside the office of the Qabas Newspaper.
It is a world were caricature is not needed anymore… it is a live intervention of actors consciously and subconsciously under an aura of pathetic narcissism and blindness and absence of conscious, that they offer real time, live, caught on tape (for PR purposes) caricatures of the hypocrisy of our world…


  1. And yes, to add, it seems that the only lives lost that matter to world leaders are those of white people – Americans or Europeans. 2,000 people were murdered in Nigeria last week – and no one is marching there. Thousands died of Ebola, but Americans didn’t care until 2 of them got sick. What we see clearly is a wrongness and callousness, lack of compassion, or true leadership anywhere. It is so sad. But, I can at least be grateful for the internet and those of us who do our best to shed some light of truth.

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