Smashing eggs and burning cars…. rule of lawlessness

Yes I am confused ….

I could add that I am ignorant , not really understanding politics. Today the Canadian Foreign Minister was thrown with eggs and shoes as he was exiting the Palestinian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. An announcement made by Saeb Eriqat was condemning the Canadian government and its blind support to Israel..

As a result we throw the man with eggs??? Why did they invite him in the first place? Since when freedom of expression was so explicitly allowed? People cannot gather in tens before they are kicked out from squares. Why was it so easy to have a gathering next to the Ministry?

What are the gains that are achieved in such a disgraceful behaviour. I still have no clue on what sis the man do , especially that nothing is new in the Canadian governmental position .

on another level Dr Mohammad Dajani’s car was burnt last night . Mohammad Dajani is the Maverick of Warsaw Ghetto’s trip. Why would his car get burnt and now? and by who ? The trip happened almost a year ago , and now he is punished . if the word is punishment . Or would he become the next Charlie ?

There is clear loss of directions . I am neither a fan for the Canadians nor the Dajani , but what happened to both of them is nothing but a bad signal for the non existence of the rule of law , on societal level and political one. When a man’s car gets burnt because of his thought , and a formal official gets eggs smashed on him … this is nothing but another addition to our embarrassing losses…

We are rule with a lawless situation that is just deterioration on all levels and from all directions ..

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