Finding Brownie

Finding Brownie.

Losing Brownie, finding Brownie has been an important issue in my life in the last few years.
Somewhere, between giving up on the same continuous search that will end up not finding him immediately and following on the traces of his whereabouts became a lifestyle.
But having daughters like mine does really make things different. Since our search in that neighborhood, my daughters ran a daily search in that area. Yesterday resulted in finding the dog. I even couldn’t believe it when they called me to say that he was with them.
Sometimes, I worry about exposing the girls to such adventures, but apparently, it worked to their benefit. The scene of a dog being tortured the day before my kids and having their mother yelling at my daughters, asking them not to interfere while watching the dog being tortured, left a lot of effect on the girls and made them more determined to keep searching. We always relax our feelings, believing that Brownie is a nice dog and that no one will hurt him, but as my daughter said, not these children.
After hours of roaming in that neighborhood, both enjoying the investigation role and exploring nature and recruiting every single possible boy they met to their searching mission, including some men … They were finally directed to his place….
He was safe and sound and didn’t seem to have a clue.
After some bargaining with the thieves, where my daughters, of course, refused to pay and gave them enough of a hard time teaching them some life morals, they let him go, admitting that he wasn’t worth much since he is old. Thank God they finally realized that.


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