our hypocrisy ..our crimes

Another striking massacre, with another striking reaction.
The killings, murders, brutality don’t seem to be the major issue anymore. It is our reactions to such viciousness that is becoming the case.
Should I change my name to naïve, so that I may make sense to myself? I still cannot cope with this reality. Is it just my discovery to this ugly truth of being us, or things are just deteriorating?
It doesn’t matter anymore who is killed and how. The result is always the same. The killer is out there getting ready for his next crime.
Because he knows he got away with it, and he knows we want more.
The moment we split between this group and that, murder became just another watched theme that we may sympathies with or cheer and applaud to.
The massacre that took place yesterday in Egypt, that took the lives of tens of the football fans, is another scenario of our deteriorating status as human beings.
People quickly split into defenders and aggressors. The killers don’t even have to defend themselves. Because we are there. Out, strong and determined to defend them.
It doesn’t matter how the killer look like. If he is wearing a military uniform or a prehistoric outfit with a long beard, he will have defenders fro his crime from either side.
Who are we?
Is it just our reality? Our true faces as Arabs and Muslims? Bunch of tribal ignorant masses that live on the scenes of blood?
Blood is being spilled in the worse scenes ever; murders are committed under slogans that we defend. And humanity is just losing its face. With us being on this side or the other. As long as the victim is not my son or brother, I can take a stand on one of the sides and start my analysis, explanations and justifications if the killer belonged to my tribe, or I will condemn, accuse and ask for justice if the killer is from the other tribe.
Demonstrators are killed in squares, fans are killed in football courts, militants are killed in their rounds, soldiers burnt, slashed. Journalist assassinated in different forms and sketches … and we are just watching, again and again …
Once cheering, other times weeping. All depending on who committed the crime, is it our side or theirs. Not a day passes by without masses, tens of people being killed on the hand of that group or the other in the Arab world, and we are just watching, asking for more. .
This has to stop …
This hypocrisy must end.


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