Avoiding news doesn’t stop news !!

Avoiding news doesn’t really stop news from happening …
My mind was surpassing some instants of news that moved from Gas deals between the PA, whereas the PA will be buying Gas from Israel even though the PA by its prime minister declared some not long time ago that PA would become soon an exporter to Gaz. On the other side of the news was the decision of Israel to cut off electricity from Palestinian cities. A decision that started to be effective from today as a result of the failure f the PA to pay its debts to the Israeli electricity company. Around two billion shekels of debts are mentioned here. On the other hand, Israel is still refusing to pay the Palestinians the money-back amounts of taxes that Israel decided t o stop paying back to the PA since the application of the PA to the ICC.
Suddenly, the Palestinian Israeli relation is taking this financial curb in what seemed to be like pocket money? When one imagines that the PA is going to ground zero as the result of Israel’s cut off its tax refunds, and it is such a desperate authority that it lacks the ability to pay electricity bills.
From the other side, an American court is fining the PA and the PLO billions of dollars as a result of a court that some Israelis filed against the PLO with alleged accusations that PlO is rich enough to pay that amount of compensation.
On the other side of Palestine, Gaza flooded and tens of thousands of people remain refugees while the UN is still refusing to pay for reconstruction, and both Fateh and Hamas are fighting over an alleged reconciliation that neither seem to want to work it out.
While the Ramallah support aides that belong to the municipality helped people out in moving around the snow during the storm, something that seemed like VIP service to the citizens, the fire department failed a day after in putting fire off from a building that resulted in the killing of a child, when the fire cars came without water in their tubes.
Inside Jerusalem the ministry o interior is still having a strike, that only effects Palestinian citizens. A strike that resulted as well in prohibiting people to travel to Jordan. What is worse is that nobody knows why the strike is taking place and their is no access for any information whatsoever on the topic.
Abbas declared that some meeting for the PLO will take place in the Muqata ‘a next month. Of course the Fateh 7th convention that as supposed to take place in January and February, after being postponed from being held in last august, is now postponed for an unknown time. And this is not election. Elections remain to be something that is way far from happening. Palestinians need to make sure that israle finish its fifth election since the last Palestinian elections.


  1. I feel this frustration too, worldwide. People want to pretend, bury their heads in the sand, and not acknowledge reality. But that only perpetuates the problems.

  2. Nadia, your last sentence explains a lot of what is happening to the Palestinians. And when I heard about that New York vote, I thought of the thousands still suffering from their wounds and lack of housing in Gaza. The world is filled with a bizarre insanity and heartbreaking injustice.

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