let’s talk abut “sex”

Let’s talk about “sex”

Let’s just name it for what it is, and use the word for whatever it means. Without hindering it behind emotions or sneaking into watching it and then denying.
Amid the confusion of everything that the east and west never seize to agree on. Sex is the only un-said union between all directions.
A term that all hide behind, and all sneak hideously or openly to search and grasp.
It could be through watching fifty shades of grey or reading it. Criticizing it, condemning it. Whatever. At the end all are waiting in lines to watch.
As much as it is in the Arab world, denouncing cheap movies for Haifa and others and all watching waiting for any piece of flesh to be seen.

This whole secrecy about sex, even though, everything in life begins with it. Yet we insist on putting taboos on using the term. At the same time, it is the word that remains selling. Whether we do it openly or secretly. Legally or illegally. Under the cover or a tree.
Shhhhhhhht!!! Don’t say the word …
Just keep practicing it!!!


  1. Yes, I’ve never understood the hypocricy. Or the double standard that still exists even here in the west, a man can have sex with as many women as he wants . . .but, we know that discussion already.

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