In the name of brotherhood…and Islam

The shame of aggression under Brotherhood

I am not yet sure, if this shameful situation the Arab world lives in is a result of the exposure of social media, whereas, nothing is hidden anymore, and of course it is just a reflection of a reality that always encountered the Arab world and its leaderships, or it is a new situation, as a result of the conspiracies of the western world led by the United States to ensure the strength and continuation of Israel. A chaotic Arab world, with bloodshed and trouble, would guarantee the existence of Israel and urge a curve in the way the world perceive Israel in comparison with the Arabs from one side, and allow Israel to continue its oppression and increase its brutal occupation on the Palestinians and their land.
But how much of a coincidence is it that the current shameful increasing accidents are just an occurrence in the Arab world that doesn’t really define them. It feels as if we lived all our lives in an illusion of an Arab unity and glorified decades of Islam that was never in fact as bloomy and rosy as we were taught.
The scene of the Arab troops rallying to invade Yemen to get rid of the Huthis, who are supported by Iran, was so humiliating and lacked any kind of dignity and assumed glory. All those weapons we grew up watching its rallies and demonstrations from Saudi Arabia to Egypt and Jordan have always been planned to be used against Arabs. The enemy that the Arab world was waiting to fight was nothing but another Muslim Arab. Israel has never been their target. If the troops of yesterday only declared such unity when Israel razed Gaza, it was going to be enough to scare the hell of the Zionist creation.
The success in creating monsters in the Islamic scenery from Muslims themselves once through al-Qaida that extended to ISIS and another through the Shiites and whatever relates to the Persian extension only enhances the enrooted ignorance of the Arab mentality.
A mentality that conspires against itself and its enemy is always that who is closest to a brother.
The shame in sending troops to raze a fellow Muslim group puts the Arab world in another war with itself, with the flag of hatred towards Shi’ism in the middle. The apparent will to drive Iran to this war, with all this mobilization against the Shiites in the last years is so obvious.
The Arab world has been fractionalized into Muslim and Christian, and Muslims were stripped into fundamentalist groups that settled one another to leave the power to a couple of fanatic groups to take over, and now going back to the first decades of Islam when the Islamic world stripped between Shiites and Sunnis.
In the sixth century when Ali ibn Abi Taleb the fourth Rashid Caliph took power after the brutal assassination of Othman Ibn Affan. The Arabs showed their real faces from that moment on, and yet, continued to blind us from the reality of what has been taking place since then.
The fact that Ali who is considered one of the closest people to the Prophet, being his first cousin who almost sacrificed his life to save the prophet from Quraish, and being the husband of the Prophet’s favorite daughter Fatima, and having the grandsons of the Prophet, Hasan and Hussein who were closest to the grandfather the prophet, experience what he experienced was the mark line of the fall of Islam. When Ali was asked to swear for Caliphate he was conspired against by the closest of kin, those who belonged to the Umayyad tribe led by Mu’awiyah ibn Abi Sufyan (who would become the Caliph later) who refused to accept Ali’s becoming the caliphate, and whom prepared troops to fight from Damascus, and Aisha, the wife of the Prophet and two of the Sahib’s Zubair and Talha who plotted with her against Ali in Mecca. Ali forced to organize himself in Kufa, found he defending the Caliphate, which he really didn’t want, from all directions in which those who were supposed to be closest were plotting against.
As he approached winning over the forced battle on Mu’awiyah, Muawia and Amr Ibn AL Ass (another famous name of the right people of Islam), brought us into the brutality of Islamizing wars when Amr requested from the soldiers on the field to put the Quran on the sword, asking for the opinion and legitimacy of the Sharia in their quest against Ali. At the same time, Muawia decided to make a truce with the Byzantine (enemy) and brought all the troops from the borders to recruit all against Ali in Iraq.
Ali found himself surrounded with the Khawarej, those who decided that Islam wasn’t what they were all preaching and demanded the full practice of Islam according to the Quran, they considered Muawia as a kafir and they opposed Ali’s not abiding with what they perceived as Islam (the example of ISIS today), so they started fighting and brutally killing anyone who didn’t agree with their call.
So Khawarej in Basra and Kufa surrounded Ali, and opponents in Mecca led by Aisha and Muawia in Damascus. Each time he was finishing a quest to be trapped to another, after winning the battle that Aisha led against him in what was known as the camel battle, and almost winning Muawia, the Khawarej issued a fatwa of killing all infidels that included the assassination of Ali, Muawia, and Amr.
Ali was assassinated as he was having his morning prayer through a poisoned stab that left him injured and suffering for three days until he died, and the other two escaped the assassination.
Al Hasan succeeded his father but decided to abandon the caliphate to Muawia to stop the bloodshed among the Muslims. Another brutal murder took place when both al-Hasan and al-Hussein were brutally and savagely killed later, to announce the Umayyad time and the official split of the Islamic world between Sunni and Shia.
Today, we continue the mass murder that the Sunni world decided against the Shiites, forgetting that those were the only real and closest of kin to the prophet we all claim to follow.
We accepted the quadrant on the sword slogan and believed it was God’s will and order.
Since then we took the rule of the murder of the Caliph who was the closest to the Prophet, giving strength to a tribe, not to the word of what we claimed was God. The fact that Aisha was a major key that led the Muslim world in the first battle among Muslims is nothing but a shame to what we grew up learning about Islam.
And today we live the same story again. Arabs in new faces and ethnicities conspire one against the other. They make the truce and make peace with the enemy against their own brothers. Each fight in the name of Mohammad and Islam to raise the word of God. Each justifying death and murder of other Muslims under same lies.
The shame today is not just in allowing such blasphemy and split. The shame is in the ignorance that continues and persists.
The shame is in continuing to live in darkness under the name of a God.


  1. Thank you for this very clear and concise history of the origin of the Shia and Sunni conflict. I was fairly familiar, having practiced Sufism. But I did not know of the role of Aisha. She, as many other influential women, have shown that it is a lie that being a woman means one is more peaceful and compassionate. I was surprised and saddened too by Saudi Arabia’s actions. Everything you said is unfortunately totally true.

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