Abu Mazen, Nasrallah, the Arab Summit … the gap that lies beneath emptiness and shame..

The Arab League summit comes a day after Hasan Nasrallah (Hezbollah) speech \ interview. Both come a day after the Arab invasion of Saudi Arabia to Yemen.
The complication of the situation keeps deteriorating, as the essence of common sense in the Arab mentality keeps fading away.
What I wanted to write about exceeded my original plan on my reaction to Nasr Allah’s speech. It was a day full of unlikely surprising events and words blurting out in all directions. Sudan is even involved in the invasion on Yemen…
I didn’t believe the first announcement that the PA (the Palestinian) were pro the invasion and cheered the Saudi wisdom in regaining the Arab power. Well… it doesn’t matter whose power and where and why and on whom. This is another issue.
Then came the previous minister of religions in Palestine, who has this disgusting way in promoting hatred among Palestinians in his Friday prayers speeches against Hamas from the Muqata mosque each Friday. He disgustingly appeared again, going further in his applaud to the invasion on Yemen, asking the invading Arab troops under the blessing of the USA to rid “us” from all such gangs including Gaza.
No word can express what I want to respond, so I leave it dotted…
Nasrallah came out with a speech. Thank goodness, and this is not cynical thanks.
I admit that I stopped my excitement about Nasrallah after the Syria affair when he supported al-Assad against the Syrians. Admittedly also, I fully understand his position now, because sadly speaking Syria went into exactly what he was trying to explain to us back then. IT is definitely that emotion of the Arab Spring that ruled back then, and we believed that it was time for the big voice to come out and order …
Nasrallah’s speech yesterday made me think again. Believe that there is still an Arab Muslim voice that speaks out the truth and has common sense and is robust and proud in a proper way. I am aware that everything I say and feel should be more rational, because this whole idea of being driven by our emotions is what is heading us to our continuous deteriorating situation as an Arab world. And being stretched in support towards one side against the other is something that I should also be careful about.
I am still far from judging the Iranian Islam and ideology that is contributed through Shiite. Even though I have been roaming around it from a cautious distance, each time getting closer to understand the reality that is far from what the Muslim Sunni world promoted to us since the Gulf war (Iraq \Iran). The split that my age allows me to understand its distance. Growing up believing that Iran is the demon of the Gulf and that Saddam Hussein was liberating Islam through fighting the infidel Shiite was the slogan that was fed to us from children to adults…. Like all those concepts they fed us on…
Trying to stay away with the emotions that accompanied me through the speech, his eloquence that is real impressive. He has this way of using terms that follow up with each other, so close and yet unrepeated. And all my usual fantasizing the words and the character. The common sense, the analysis, the facts he was putting in front of us was quite impressive. His unbelievable truthfulness in the way he addressed the Arab leaders, with no fear or hypocrisy, and finally his right words to Abu Mazen when he said that Abu Mazen’s support to the invasion on Yemen lacks all aspects of common sense and he better stays home was fulfilling.
What did Abu Mazen think of when his nation faces such aggressions every day? Is it all about that money the Saudi gives with the authorization of the US?
Those basic concepts of resistance and occupation that are affiliated directly with Palestine and the Palestinian cause, Abu Mazen strikingly stroke with his support to such an invasion.
But maybe it was true that his Mufti said what he couldn’t say. This invasion is the beginning of the Arab invasions on other “outlawed” groups such as Hamas in Gaza. Taking into consideration the current Egyptian interference in the Gaza affair and against the Gazans under the war against Hams this could gradually make sense. One day this ally relation would come to hit Gaza for Egypt and not Israel. As if we care if they show us their direct love and relationship with Israel. We as people already know. Or maybe we as Palestinians already know …
Then came the summit.
The Palestinian media outlet was preparing us for another super famous speech that Abu Mazen intends to give in the summit …lots of encouraging words to this speech, in a media fabricated unprofessional direction, but as naively as I could get, I thought maybe he will say something important. I browsed with my mind the possibilities of a famously delivered speech. Is he going to announce a date for elections? Would he announce that he is going to Gaza and he will fulfill the reconciliation with the willingness or against the will of Hamas? Or maybe he would go even further, he would announce the end of the PA and step down.
I was hallucinating into three scenarios that seem impossible when they are supposedly the only right things to happen now and since some years. The situation of a real election or an actual dissolving to the PA is inescapable, and yet it seems like a faraway impossible happening.
But as Abu Mazen remains the master of disappointment, he didn’t seize to disappoint me as a Palestinian yet again.
I honestly hate to say a bad thing about the man. I honestly don’t want to become an opposition to this man (of course I would not even count). I don’t want to say that Abu Mazen doesn’t represent me neither his PA. My criticism remains in the sense of hoping that a wake-up call will change the situation at some point before it becomes a non turning point.
But yet again… it seems impossible.
Abu Mazen’s speech was shameful as he applauded loud and proud his support against the people in Yemen. He kept repeating it, like a hypocrite student attempting to achieve a better grade from a teacher. Of course, he wanted the money of the Saudis that we the people don’t actually catch. Maybe they should learn how to bribe the people so that we can support them with their clapping.
Then he went to the predictable briefing of the situation in Palestine, using well-chosen words to the audience of Israel such as the Judaisation of Jerusalem (a seriously supposed issue for the Muslims) and threat by “ fanatics” and “ some” government members of Israel. I felt like; excuse me … some???? Netanyahu sadly is just some? For instance!!!!!!!
Let’s say the Arab leaders remain ignorant about what is happening in Palestine, some of them have just died, and new replacements came, and some have just been exchanged. I personally stopped catching up with names. I have no idea who writes the president’s speech; he must have been a tour guide. Of course, he has to be a Palestinian tour guide because our guides are highly politicized. It is a primary requirement in the situation. Abu Mazen speech was unlike that of the Mauritanian and the Somali, a speech of a practiced professional. He must have said the same things for the last at least ten years. He even makes stupid jokes. I shouldn’t say stupid, but they felt like silly nerdish jokes, that people laugh about for the courtesy of whoever is saying it out of fear. For some moments he seemed to have forgotten that he is in the PRESENCE of their majesties and highnesses of the Arab kingdoms and as usual, whoever wrote his speech seems apt to have it longer than what Abu Mazen can take. The man got bored and repetitive, and he started just flipping quickly through the papers. The kind of behavior I would do in a conference or a lecture when time starts running out and realizing that what was left is not significant and repetitive… but again. For God’s sake Dear Abu Mazen. You are the president and not I.
Of course, abu Mazen never mentioned anything important. He did, however, call the Arabs to come and pray in Jerusalem… this confirms that who wrote the speech is actually affiliated with tour guides!!! And I was thinking as I was repeating his empty words in my head… for God sake, what is happening. Having the Arabs coming and visiting Jerusalem will change and transform the Palestinian economics for instance? It could be really taking into consideration that the highest profiled file today is the tax money that Israel is still bargaining on paying back to the PA.
Abu Mazen confirmed to the Israelis, not the Arabs in the summit that he insists on Oslo, even though he didn’t mention Oslo by name, probably realizing as well that Oslo is expired officially. There was this sense of sending a message to the Israelis begging them (hideously) to come back to the negotiation tables.
What else can I brief? Of course, he asked for money. He even made sure to separate and split the Palestinians from the Syrians and Iraqis. Confirming that some Palestinians remain dispossessed.
It was an empty speech that is surrounded with shame … a shame that tails embarrassment to us Palestinians. Who under occupation support aggression against other poor nations?

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