israel’s naive naeivity

A headline in Haaretz titled: WATCH: Egyptian journalist assaulted in Cairo after dressing up as a Jew. I clicked into the article and then to the video and I thought, what do Israelis really expect? Sometimes, well, often, Israelis really play naïve, when naivety is anything but a resemblance related to Israel making. I actually thought Egyptians in the street were nice enough in their general reactions.

What Israel refuses to see is that the leaderships of Arab countries do really not represent the people especially when it comes to Israel. It is sad however to admit that the lack of separation between an Israeli and a Jew makes little difference in Arab eyes, after all, Israel is the jewish home that Netanyahu insists on calling.

I did find the presenter daring to be in such a disguise in the streets. Coincidentally, I had the pleasure to meet an Egyptian lawmaker a few days ago, which while talking spoke about his fleeing from Egypt in the fifties while he was in the military from the devastations of the intelligence among other things. His proud moment was when he spoke about the direct reason that led to his expulsion … he stood up against the campaigns that was led against the jews back then. Jews in Cairo happened to be his friends and neighbors and he stood up to defend them.

There is always a higher level of support when humanity and justice are negotiated among people.

It is true that Egypt’s leadership, as much as most of the Arab world leadership continues to play roles that are disappointingly against Palestinians. It is also true that the media is having another disappointing role in accommodating with the leadership. But the people remain the same people, who sense and live the injustice and can resemble with the oppression that continue to befall on Palestinians.

The disconnection between leaderships and population remains the real pulse of reality. That Israel insists on ignoring …

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