Extremism (part 2)

Extremism ( part2)

To start with , maybe we should think of what is extremism. And after doing so we should be thinking of how do we define extremism.
In any case , regardless to the definition we find and decide , and no matter what we categorize as extremism. We will likely find out that each of us think of someone else or a group that he definitely doesn’t belong to or sympathize with as extremist .
It is likely that Netanyahu and the Likud , Lieberman , the Jewish home , and all whom I perceive as extremist fundamentalists must believe that they are liberal .
Fateh believes hamas is extremist . Muslim Arab countries believe that Al Qaida ,Isis , Nusra , hizballa , Islamic brotherhood ……,,,are extremist … But then , THEY definitely see the others as extreme .
So while thinking of fighting extremism , we May be thinking of the means we use in fighting extremism . Are we more extreme in fighting the extreme we denounce that we end up more extreme ?
When we denounce killings of innocents from a certain sect or ethnicity , and yet we rejoice the killings of those from other sects and ethnicities , aren’t we in the same path of extremism?
In today’s digitalized world , social media has covered almost every single thought or topic. Mainstream media however, remains the main tool of searching for topics in interesting issues or important issues that we care about . While mainstream media is  considered biased, since it naturally reflects governments ; social media is considered extreme while naturally reflecting either full support or oppose to the governments.
Since social media fights the bias of mainstream media it ends up to be more of biased without realizing or realizing ,but yet insisting it fights what it perceives as extreme.

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