Who is Your Ally?

Who is your ally?

Some days ago, I was asked while having a dinner in Istanbul with a group of Internationals that consisted of Italians and Colombians , that I can describe as “semi-intellectual ” ( because it consisted of a writer, an actor, a diplomat, and businessmen and a future philosopher (me) ), after a stormy debate about the Israel-Palestine conflict about who I believe is the real ally for the Palestinians.
Of course, I was discussing on the actual discussion, of who has the right to the land, the creation of Israel, the defeat of the Arabs,etc…. And as usual, I was holding my sword in all directions of questions that stressed on our defeat and their victory.
Until one of the guests asked me out of nowhere considering my rising sword. Who do you think is your real ally?
For a small instance, I felt myself resting down my debating sword, and without giving it much of an elaboration of thought, I answered: Israel.
Regardless to the applaud, and the moment of quietness that brought the discussion into an eternal peace and an enjoyable continuation of an elegant supper, I continued to think of my answer.
And yes, it is what I believe Is true.
Taking down all the components of our conflict with Israel, not forgetting, of course, the fact of Israel being a state of occupation to my land ( it’s a de facto that I don’t have to stress about all the time). And taking a quick trip to the making of the history of this conflict, it is not hard to see that Israel in this whole set up was nothing but a player among the many players that contributed to the Palestinian no state, and hence, eternal trauma.
Israel was created by a united nation decision, after a series of declarations and conventions to give a state to the Jews, in which, for our misfortune was ours.
But our misfortune is not just about the Jews deciding to come and occupy our land. It’s about who brought them here, and who facilitated their existence.
We ignore to see that the making of Israel was a continuation of the making of the new middle east after the fall of the Ottoman Empire at the beginning of the last century; with the region cut between a French mandate to British mandate, the Sykes, and Picot ; a Lebanon and Syria in 1920,.Saudi Arabia in 1936, Jordan in 1946, Palestine partition plan in 1947 and the division continued…
Of course, it wasn’t just the love of the Jews that made this damned hollow part of the world attractive… It wasn’t also just about the fall of an empire that ruled almost the world for more than eight centuries.
It was about the discovery of oil, and it’s industry in this region…
The second world war, in many ways, forced the departure of the European powers from direct control of the area, and the establishment of Israel was like washing the sins of the horrific past of wars. And at the same time, there was a need to an agent in the region. An expert agent amid the Arabian oil brokers.
The rest is the history we know …
We skipped the part of Lawrence of Arabia brokering a nation into kingdoms and enjoyed his exotic diary amid the Arabs.
And. The Arabs continued to conspire against each other through deceitful emissaries. The lesson of the French and British was never learned.
A new era with the U.S.A and U.S.S.R it’s competition, whereas, the U.S. A was the ultimate guarantor of the stability of the region and from the 1950s the dominant force in the oil industry. Revolutions brought anti-Western regimes to power in Egypt in 1954, in Syria in 1963, in Iraq in 1968 and Libya in 1969.
Of course anti-western and anti-Israel in this sense as well. Israel was a closer and smaller enemy to fight.
It’s like leaving the wolf and following its trail.
As usual, I forgot why did I even start this debate … I found myself again, bundled with the threads of the confusion of this conflict, to which, to my belief, Israelis and Palestinians are the two people that are trapped inside. While everyone else benefits.
The western world used Israel; the Arab world used Palestine.


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