Khader Adnan for President

Khader Adnan achieved what Palestinian leadership failed to achieve once again. Held in administrative detention for the tenth time inside Israeli prisons; a procedure that allows Israel to detain people without trials for a six renewable months without filing charges against the person. Israel continued to detain Adnan for reasons such as activities that threaten regional security. He held the first hunger strike after his arrest in December 2011, where he, in protest to the conditions of prisoners in Israeli detentions started his hunger strike that forced Israel after three months to reach a deal with him and release him a couple of months later. His hunger strike marked the longest in Palestinian history.
In July 8th 2014, Israel authorities arrested him again, with another administrative detention order that was extended in January and may 2015. On May 4,2015, he began his second hunger strike. Israel was determined to force feeding him, and drafted a law for that purpose; the medical association in Israel refused to cooperate with any force-feeding in consequence.
When Adnan started his first hunger strike in 2011, a strike that ended after 66 days in hunger, he issued a powerful statement by his lawyer stating: “The Israeli occupation has gone to extremes against our people, especially prisoners. I have been humiliated, beaten, and harassed by interrogators for no reason, and thus I swore to God I would fight the policy of administrative detention to which I and hundreds of my fellow prisoners fell prey … The only thing I can do is offer my soul to God, as I believe righteousness and justice will eventually triumph over tyranny and oppression. I hereby assert that I am confronting the occupiers not for my own sake as an individual, but for the sake of thousands of prisoners who are being deprived of their simplest human rights while the world and international community look on. It is time the international community and the UN support prisoners and force the State of Israel to respect international human rights and stop treating prisoners as if they were not humans.”
Israel decided to detain Adnan last July during the Gaza aggression, and his administrative detention has been renewed since then. He started his second hunger strike in may 5, 2015 and Israel reached with him to a release in July last night.
Demonstrations and protest with solidarity to Adnan’s hunger strike continued in different tones, effects and shapes. However, what this man insists each time to teach us, is this power of man. Power of one single mans inside his very own no power position.
The meager protest the Palestinians held was an embarrassment and shows the failure of the Palestinian resistance fibers since Gaza. This real genuine solidarity. Protests gathered hand numbered people in the Manara Square, where supporters to Rjub on his FIFA embarrassment were in thousands in the same place. If this tells anything, it only tells how internally politicized the Palestinian public in the west bank has become.
And if this says anything about the international position, it also exploits the UN and the different international aid and relief organizations that failed to stand in front of the tyranny of Israel.
However, this man succeeded in achieving what the Palestinian leadership failed to even get close to an achievement in twenty years.
In a cynical scene, Saeb Eriqat mentioned the Khader Adnan’s crisis and hunger strike yesterday after a rich Iftar yesterday, condemning Israeli coercive laws and behaviors against Palestinian prisoners. A scene that reflects the bitter reality of Palestinian leadership. Whereas, the single act of one man and his very own family in believing so strongly in the righteousness of his cause, made him eventually defeat occupation. With his meager, sick, body and powerful undefeatable soul.
Maybe we should consider. Khader Adnan for the next Palestinian President.
This is the Mandela model that is being recreated.

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  1. I do agree with you about the great soul and strong will of Khader Adnan and in the contrast about the weakness and failer of Palestinian leadership. in the same I guess that Palestinian people now in need badly not only leaders as Adnan but also and more important and urgent leaders who have creative deep political thinking to unite, reactiveو stir and direct the energy of Palestinian people who are now frustrated in west bank. Gaza . Palestine 48 and diaspora. Yes we are proud of Adnan and need him deeply but this isn’t enough cause we need more urgent now those leader who have creative deep political thinking, a lot of thanx to you

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