Homosexuality in Palestine: Non Proud Pride

Before I become misunderstood. I am a person who firmly believes in people’s freedom in whatever they want to be or are. When I first heard about the United state’s Supreme Court decision in legalizing same-sex marriages, I felt proud. For only one simple reason, knowing the plight of these people for decades. I find it hard to understand completely, but again I know well that people differ. I wasn’t particularly happy with the joint Palestinian campaign in changing their profiles into a rainbow color in support. It reminded me with the I am Charlie’s campaign. Again, not because I am against freedom of speech as well. But somewhere being a Palestinian makes everything takes a different direction. How can I support the world’s campaign in Charlie when the world ignores my very own rights of freedoms, among them the speech. The pride movement took a different angle that annoyed me on different levels.
First, we are a society that is prejudiced against many things that start between injustice towards males and females relations. We still value the man more. We still have our women killed under honor killings; we still have girls deprived of their inheritance under the patriarchal and tribal structure. We are still prejudiced among our Christians and Muslims relations. Between the urban and the peasant among us. Between the rich and poor. And suddenly, everyone became for same-sex rights of legalizing marriage. I would dare any homo \lesbian in this country to come out loud or organize a protest in anything, or publicly appear in any forum that may reveal his identity. I would be the first to join such a demonstration if it takes place.
But hiding behind other nations achievements while we are striving for our fundamental rights from the occupation. If the world reached a level where people are asking for their rights in same-sex marriages. We in Palestine are struggling to have the rights of a Jerusalemite to marry a person from Ramallah or elsewhere in the west bank. We are fighting for our rights to remain in our homeland. Before fighting for a plight that our norms and tradition still fight from within, we need to fight for our fundamental rights that we all have a consensus on asking for.
The Facebook was full of the rainbow colors on profiles, while Khader Adnan was struggling for his life with his hunger strike for his unjust detention. We may as well call for elections instead of watching one illegitimate government after the other taking place amid our internal chaos of political loss.
Replacing the freedom words with Marwan Barghouthi’s painting on the apartheid wall seemed like the fault that was extreme in it’s committing. Drawing on that wall is something, but on graffiti that resembles resistance was as blind as the profile changing that took place.
The problem is in choosing a strategy of imitation to any cause without even understanding it, or how to use it in order to mobilize to our needed causes. It is not that I want to be closed to the world that is only Palestinian. But we Palestinian cannot be of any good to us or the world if we don’t win with our needed plight.
Freedom of expression remains to be as “holy” as any aspired freedom, however, exploiting freedoms that we are failing to fight for on internal level and claim to be joining the world in its fought and won cases makes us as an embarrassment to that plight as much as to our own.

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