Incoherence of a Government, of a Nation….of Being.

I have been asking myself the same question for the last ten years, roaming around an empty analysis of someone who probably lives in denial. The question of what happened to this Palestinian identity, cause, that element of who we are that made us so unique that shared love to the homeland, regardless of its borders or even place, that feeling of being Palestinians?
When the dispute between Fateh and Hamas started, and Sharon’s bet on a fragmentation within the society when he left Gaza, I thought that this was impossible to be. After all, what was so special about us as a society was this mixture of ideas and thoughts in the same household. A Palestinian family naturally comprised of a Fateh, communist, Islamic and no affiliation individual inside it, and all shared the same passion for the love of a homeland called Palestine.
As this naïve thinking is apparently non-existent today, something different should come out from within this society. Palestine has become a piece of flying cloth that may carry the colors of what we know as a flag, or even one of each color of those different other fractions, of yellow or green. The deterioration of the Palestinian reality has become unbearable. We keep falling from one empty hole of nothingness to another. The society is falling back on its core fiber of morals and ethics. And like the homeland and the flag, values, and morals became what we pretend to hold or insist on keeping from a tribal culture that we ignorantly perceive as a religious norm.

We have successfully become a nation of greedy and starving people in the same moment. As a mainly seen boom is visible in cities like Ramallah. With coffee shops and restaurants increasing in what looks like daily. Social networks are exchanging insights on this coffee shop or that restaurant, with prices with no exaggeration as that in cities as Paris or Rome or even getting close to Monte Carlo. In a place where the government lives hundred percent on international aid, and the average salary of a person can be quickly finished by visiting a restaurant twice a month. The same scene of tragic contradiction, as we are in the middle of Ramadan, when people exchange Iftar festivities, with food leftovers from each regular night that also with no exaggeration can feed my dogs for a month period each. At the same time, we are witnessing scenes of people crowded for meals like those in starving countries.
What happened to this society? What happened to those times when people were well fed with the minimum they all had? What happened to that love for a homeland? That thrives for independence? That dream of ending the occupation?
Words that we continue to use like a waving worn out the flag, with fading colors.
We have managed to turn a president into a pharaoh of a dictator. We are watching our youth being detained in both Palestinian and Israeli detention centers and prisons alike. Checkpoints became borders. Segregation wall has become the place for murals and liberty worn out dedications. The common aspiration for a person is to cross the checkpoint to smuggle into a breath of the sea. Seeing Israel is becoming the dream of many of our youth who fantasize a westerner culture right behind that wall. That became the fence of a very own home.
We are watching a government change after another, with zero achievements and embarrassing stories of primary and grave corruption.
In the last week, news infested our space with semi-news on Salam Fayyad) the former PM) and his money laundering for what came to be called Political purposes. Living in Palestine makes everything possible even inventions of new terms. And then suddenly the president decided to fire Yasser Abed Rabbo from the PLO. Of course, this is not the first time that such news takes the headlines with entirely clear reasons and analysis to what is taking place. Another headline was a few days ago concerning a general in the security that was charged by the corruption court. It should be relieving news to see that corruption is being fought …but, as usual, what happens is, that we see figures being accused of being corrupted, we never know on what and on which basis, and usually those files are as hollow as a black box. People’s reputations go to the worse levels. And in cases when people are accused, we never know who these people are. So when a former minister or figure is publicly charged with sending his portfolio to the corruption commission, as in many scenarios that continue to take place, and the last is Fayyad’s, this person is scrutinized with this accusation forever, even if he turns out to be innocent, while when they do actually accuse people (and it looks like a rarity) these people are protected, and the public never know the names. If anyone wonders why it is also easy to analyze and understand. No analysis needed here. It is as simple as, that commission only works under direct orders from the presidency. Like everything else in this country, it is all about Fateh’s calculations to its men or those that are not among them and from them, such as Fayyad and Abed Rabbo.
And while we are busy not understanding anything from those headlines leaving everything to empty speculations, we are infested with news on security (Palestinian) invasions to what they told us are Hamas cells in the West Bank. This is happening while the Palestinian authority both by his safety representatives and minister of foreign affairs accuse Hamas of being involved in the Da’esh activities against Egyptians in Sinai. At the same time security officials in the PA, decide to leave all the matter of Palestine as if all is well and under prosperity, well of course of the occupation, and decide publically that they will fight Hamas if the continue to (attempt to) mess up in the west bank (state). While doing this, the same sources try to make sure that Gazans under Hamas remain stirred up against Hamas and tell (us) the world about the failures of Hamas. Among which was a video distributed on the social media, basically on security sites (of Fateh) showing how people in Gaza are gathered to get their Iftar in a scene that may look like that we used to see in starvation areas such as Sudan and Ethiopia decades ago, before the news became more of bloodshed of corpses laid on roads today. While Hamas may be as guilty as they claim they are. The way the Fateh fraction of the PA (actually all the PA is Fateh people). Such a video was distributed in what has been happening for the same reasons in al-Aqsa mosque. What makes the Aqsa more important to me, in this case, while I refuse to see such scenes of a starving nation, is that such a scene may have its justifications in Gaza. It is no surprise to know that people are maybe starving under a destroyed city and such a brutal seizure from all directions. The same occurring scene in Jerusalem, explains the state of greediness that is taking place in the minds and stomachs of the people. If I were a person in charge in that security branch or another, I would rather concentrate on the real threat the Imam of al-Aqsa (Amira) is spreading from announcements of hate towards Christians especially in such a time where the whole world is mobilizing against Daesh. Here in Palestine, the representatives of the PA seem to have left all the threats that are what seriously destroy our being namely occupation and Daesh and insisting on this continuous fractioning in the society by announcing Hamas as the enemy (Hamas is not of course entirely innocent in any of the accusations).
Amid all this, we shamelessly, watch for a new government (temporary, illegitimate, expired) government to be pronounced.

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