Les Miserables (Anata 2007 and today )

Les Miserables
A 21st Century real story

Les miserables’s, by Victor Hugo, is the name of the scene lived in Anata.
In the past , when I used to pass by such neighborhoods, filled with dirt and garbage , filled with street kids and hungry looking eyes of men , women covered with ignorance and lack of any modernization, I used to think this is them ,they simply cant change ,that is what they are ,and what they have always been, and probably how they would always remain .
However, as I went there more and I got used to the garbage covering the ways and the streets. I even land marked my way through certain garbage lots. I understood, that when you live in a place where you do not have garbage cans, you cannot do anything but make your home a garbage can.

Even when that can exist, if there was no one to dump it, that garbage will contaminate me.
It becomes a very natural act and scene of the whole landscape.
In a place where people are even being dragged out of their shelter. In a place where you do not have to have your home demolished to lose security, but you live with the fear that tomorrow it would be your turn.

In addition, if tomorrow does not come with you in the turn, it means that you become under suspicion by your own people.
Occupational tactics and strategies that keep spreading into everything, in all aspects of life. people surrounded by a wall, locked up by a checkpoint , separated into those who can get out of that prison and those who cant .

No services at all. Destroyed streets, poor infrastructure, sewage in the roads, an area that does not need a dumpster because it is one.
High taxes. Forced to pay them so that they do not lose their rights that they do not receive. Sticking tightly to the social welfare, and medical insurance, forgetting that they repay it hundreds of times more in taxes that they do not get any benefits from.

What would I expect from people who are covered with miserable lives from top to toe?
It is even a miracle that they are still alive.

Nadia Harhash July 2007

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