Incoherence: is there a Palestinian cause left?

Is there a Palestinian cause left

Each day passes with more deterioration on the ground in the Palestinian structure. It is getting so bad, that pressing on the society from both sides. Occupation and corrupted authority show no sign of hope for any positive outcome of the situation.
I keep asking myself how much more can a society as such take. While occupation with all its massive coercive forces and in all direction continues to occupy land and people, as much has minds and souls. The internal situation within the Palestinian authority within both sides of the fraction shows no sign of a future.
This life of eternal death. Another never knows if her son is coming back alive passing through a checkpoint, or safe from ramming by a settler car or sleep the night without being burnt. Prisoners continue to struggle towards their own plight for justice with a deteriorated situation where their bodies are the only salvation left for their resistance in starving their own lives out.
Jerusalem is Judaized and visualized with every passing moment, and fanatics are saving no opportunity to make their final coercion to the Aqsa. Hebron and its struggles with apartheid and oppression. A man killed in the north a boy shot in the east. A non-end struggle with injustice and peace is still to be called out.
Inside, and within the Palestinian structure a detonation leaks into another. The social fiber is getting torn and worn. Fraction is what marks the situation, and corruption is how it is painted from inside.
In any direction, one looks, a dark spotted actuality is what one can only see. We are failing to gather for a demonstration to support starving prisoners. Our complaints never rise out the comfort of our couches behind the computer screens. Our contribution never exceeds the gossiping in restaurants.
No signs of elections. It is not even an option for us the people anymore. As if elections are about a quiet person who will surely be the president. In the absence of an heir to the throne of Abu Mazen, with not a single proper Fateh figure to be seen fitting the criteria of Fateh, Abu Mazen or the Americans, the status quo is what is left for us to live with.
Abu Mazen is seemingly getting aware of the fact that life cannot be forever, at the age of eighty, the man doesn’t really have much left. And if he is not getting it the surrounding is, and the urge for a new person is just on the rise.
The problem that they refuse to see is that Fateh is changing from a liberation party to a caliphate. If Abu Mazen’s children were fit or of any popularity, they would have been nominated quite some time by now. The fact that we as Palestinians don’t also see a horizon coming out of this is a tragedy as well.
We are stuck inside a pond that has no exits and only transforms into sewage.
Israel from outside continues to violate each and every opportunity of destruction and strengthening its power of occupation on whatever is left of us. And we are stuck in our own troubled selves fighting over who is the next minister and president, with not a single indication of a simple vital pressure: the need for elections!!!
The world is watching this state of corruption that eating the society within its fractioned structure allowing the occupation to become eternal, by fueling the greedy stomachs of corruption while the rest of the nation is watching or not watching … waiting for an eruption that is definitely coming

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