The dust and our reflections

The dust and our  reflections

Waking up on a covered with dust sky was an unfamiliar scenery of Jerusalem.

It was supposed to be just another filled with heat end of summer day.

As I woke up and headed to work, the sky transformed its dusty horizons into a reflection that overwhelmingly covered the earth. Somehow there was something magical about that ugly transformation of the surrounding. It reflected the reality that we live in.

It felt sarcastic as if God woke up this morning deciding to show us how we look like if our reflection was in nature.

It felt peaceful …

It was peaceful to see our dusty reality covering our natural breeze. The sky itself turned into a brownish filled huge cloud. The hills disappeared, the valleys, the flowers, the trees, and all hid back behind the dusty curtain of the skies.

It is how we look like.

Even nature is embarrassed to reveal itself with its true colors.

This is the color we deserve in our dusty realities …

Our dirty souls …

And our dusty air and sky

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