a good Palestinian is a dead Palestinian

It is not just another killing

Of another young life that the occupation decided to perish

In cold blood

In a ceremony of hate and despise

It is the way life is under the Zionist fascist state of hate

It is the way they intend to uproot the Palestinian hearts

A Palestinian chest facing a state of horror

A state of terror

A state where a dead Palestinian is a victory

Where a Palestinian blood is nothing but a fertilizer to their soil

A state where a human is considered by his race

His ethnicity

His religion

His language

Where every other is a sacrifice to their existence

The scene of the shooting of the young Palestinian man (Fadi Allon, 19) escaping from a savagely settler \Israeli mob to be shot in cold blood by an Israeli policeman who instead of saving the young man shoots him without hesitation, while the young man is clearly running unarmed, clearly escaping the savages blood thirsty creatures behind him, and later after dropping dead they gather and kick his body and move is nothing but a true reflection of Israel.

Israel is nothing but a state of occupation that insist on violating humanity itself in its being and its presence over the corpses of palestininian lives.

If this man wanted or tried to stab a settler? Or the other one (Haytham Halabi, 19) from yesterday who killed the two settlers in the old city? Or every single other Palestinian, Hadeel in Hebron, Diya’, Fadel, and the list will go on … do they deserve to be shot down and murdered, while the same system allows its armed mad fanatic settlers and people out to kill Palestinians and always, with no exception are released to go on with their fanatic schemes and actions?

Is it of any sense of humanity that a whole Palestinian family is burnt to death and the murderers are still out and around, and a Palestinian is killed by a policeman who is supposed to protect him from the mob running behind him just for the fact that he is a Palestinian?

As long as humanity persists on its denial to the Palestinian right to be …

The Palestinians will persist in their resistance to injustice.

To occupation

To fascism of a state

To a terror of a state

To racism

To the deliberate ethnic cleansing that is persistent since seven decades …

under the notion of “a good Palestinian is a dead Palestinian”

May peace and justice in the skies of God be what awaits those ascending souls.


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    Adding my thoughts would be unproductive; here is truth from one who witnesses such incidents almost daily, yet continues to write that truth without a failure of spirit in the face of such infamy.

    Listen up….

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