Terror Attack?

Terror Attack?

Give me a break…Please

I am not willing to neither cheer nor condemn the two “operations” that led to the killing of four Israelis in the colony of Itamar near Nablus and inside the old city of Jerusalem.

The loss of people remains the highest cost all sides pay.

What provoked this explosion? Or is it even an explosion? I don’t know. Since among time I gave up on a real awakening in the Palestinian blood of resistance. It is true that political parties jump over each operation or act or attack whatever each one wants to call, but I firmly believe that such people don’t have any affiliation or at least orders from any group. The situation is so grave; it is just a regular thing to decide to revenge or act upon the constant state of humiliation that continues to increase.

I cannot condemn the attacks because the only question that I can continue to ask myself is: what would a settler expect? They live in a land that they deliberately stole. They intentionally live inside and within neighborhoods and villages where they don’t only live but violate, terrorize the local inhabitants. They walk around armed. And they expect that they are totally safe being a hyena inside a lion’s grove. Whether the Israeli public or sympathizers like it or not. It is in the very first place, the presence in such areas itself violates human rights and humanity, so chances of such acts is just average. How many Palestinians continue to be victims of such terror activities of such colonialist settlers go most of the time even unmentioned.

Are we on the verge of a third intifada? I also don’t think so. The only time there will be an intifada is when the PA is completely dissolved, and the current leadership leaves this country and its people on his or her own.

As sarcastic as it might seem, I prefer occupation to the present situation. Whatever is happening today is bringing back to our memories the first clashes of the first intifada. When the Palestinian blood was one. When the enemy was clear and named. We need to be back to that phase when it is the occupation and us. It is healthier for both sides.

The martyr of today happened to be from Ramallah. Rumor has it that the Israelis are heading towards Ramallah to destroy his family’s house. How odd and ordinary it felt. Strange in the sense of entering a supposedly sovereign area where the Palestinian police would officially be safeguarding their entry to destroy a Palestinian’s home. And healthy in the sense of what Israel usually does to Palestinians, and somehow we have witnessed a lot of it in Jerusalem.

In Jerusalem settlers …whoever are exploding in the streets like angered Bulls. They can continue to bully.to terrorize.

Sometimes, as they say in Arabic; the magic turns on the magician.

You cannot impose terror and call payback sometimes when chance allows it.Panic Attacks.

Your presence in settlements\colonies is the ultimate state of terror.

Get out. And stop your terror. Peace will be your path.

Today you lost two settlers; we lost a young man whose dreams were sabotaged with your injustice, racism, and a state terror, where death became anything but a choice. His and theirs.

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