Abu Mazen’s empty speech

Abu Mazen’s speech …

i have to admit that it was revolutionary in comparison with his previous statements.

but well…

dear Abu mazen seems to be really far away from the flock.

giving an almost five to seven speech to the people in such time , seems like the maximum he could do . not condemning , and somehow supporting people’s massive revolt against Israeli oppression is the only way to keep him away from having the demonstrations right in his living room.

if someone was telling him or read to him what the people write on Facebook he will really lock himself inside the muqata’a.

somewhere the distance between abu mazen and the people is too distant , i strongly believe it is game over for him . the only speech he could give and be fulfilling to the people is that when he announces the dissolve of the PA or his stepping down.. given this situation people will step over him over soon.. the street already did . the state of not a single control by his ruling faction fateh in the streets today says a lot about his popularity and the power that is controlling the situation on the ground.

children are being executed publicly in savagely ways . Jerusalem is practically under a curfew and a military closure . young men and women are simply shot and killed upon any suspicious move and the accusation is ready for a persecution that they control every single scenario in it . they actually create it …

the very fact that no one really knows what will happen the next morning . who is the next palestinian ” martyr” or “terrorist” according to their definition , is an important signal of a red alert that has already exploded. it could be my daughter, my sister, my son, my cousin or me .. it could be anyone I know or I don’t know . As if they want more provocations by oppressing more, humiliating more. killing more. as if they need our blood for their survival.. the amount of hate we are seeing is so viciously ugly .. it only proves again and again that occupation has only one face : Fascism .

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