No to fanatic reactions and Yes to resistance

No to fanatic reactions and yes to resistance

There seems to be real thin lines between resistance and every single other opposite definition. The state of rage that is quickly evaporating into real detestation and hatred is the worse enemy of the current situation. Sensibility seems to have lost it’s directions.

It is fury versus fear that controls the situation.

This morning or late last night, some people burnt a site named Youssef Tomb in Nablus. The site is a Jewish site that settlers in that area visit and it has been a provocative place for both sides. It is a place that gives the settlers excuses to enter Nablus and throw their provocations on the local community. And yes, settlers are not nice people who just want to pray. They are fanatic fundamentalists that do not differ in any form from Da’esh.

But burning the site is not any different from their fanatic terror behaviors.

Amid the voices of behaving in the concept of eye for an eye, and the voices that revenge may be the easiest way to fulfill all that rage in loss. But this is nothing but a cycle of rage and revenge that blinds everyone involved.

Burning itself, as an act remains the worse of behaviors. It leaves nothing but ashes. No place for redemption or reconciliation or any rebuilding.

But yet, there is this voice for me that support resistance. In a perfect world I wish this resistance was non violent by all forms. But no matter how one looks at it and tries it is impossible. The confrontation is between an army of a state that is armed in all shapes. There are no civilians in Israel anymore. The settler, the police, the soldier, the Arabist and the sympathizer. They all stand as one unit that cheers the killing of Palestinians.

Is there any way to achieve justice than this? Stabbing is blood and blood is violence it is doubtless.

I know that I will never see or feel this entire situation except through a Palestinian eye. And I admit that I respect this wave of resistance. In today’s debates on whether the burning of the site was moral or not. I cannot but see a lot of morality in the Palestinian knives resistance of this uprising. The scene of that man hopping on the soldier in the middle of the demonstration with the knife could not be seen except as a courageous act infront of all this armed forces that were shooting aimlessly on the demonstrators. Those stabbers are going to soldiers and obvious settlers. It is true that civilians could mistake them, but somehow the land is cancered with settlers and settlements.

Oppression cannot last. And techniques in resistance definitely change.

In the previous uprisings, I used to understand and justify suicide attacks, until one day I found myself inside a discussion face to face with one of those organizers. At that instant I denounced it and despised the concept. But I never blamed those who sacrifice their own lives for a cause.

What is happening today is totally free from any factional or political interests. It is the Palestinian individual who has been absorbing all this frustration and deciding to stand up for his own dignity knowing very well that his life is only going to be wasted. These people are not aspiring heaven and it’s seventy virgins. These men have no political or religious affiliation in principle. Those who have tried the stabbing and the different incidents of the last weeks were from all sects. Educated, active, religious, secular, communists. The sarcastic scene in every funeral in the race of the different flags of factions into adopting the martyr as theirs, only proves that the one who controls the sitatuion is someone who may be next to you , your son, your daughter, your young colleague , your facebook friend, an anonymous person who is watching and living this injustice and wakes up leaving life with a spot of dignity.

There is something about resistance that draws all lines.

No one can bring freedom to Palestinians except themselves.

It is this young generation of lives that strives freedom… freedom for what it is .. not freedom in breathing . it is freedom of living …. Something that only Palestinians understand … because even the air they breath is counted differently .

By each scene we are seeing .. with each Palestinian getting killed, tortures, abused, lynched … a Palestinian sees himself there changing the rule of that game …

Oppression cannot last forever.

And a life stripped from freedom is a sub-life… the sub-humanity they tried to make us be , didn’t work on our children .

And amid all this ….

I will always resent fundamental, revenging acts that hold no morals. And Resistance will always be a duty under a rule of an oppressive system that proved its ideology as fundamentalist and fanatic as that of Daesh , of the Nazis, a fascist criminal regime called Zionism .


  1. I feel the PAIN and frustration….the total injustice of the reality on the ground. The oppressive foe will eventually destroy itself. God Bless.

  2. Nehru used NON-VIOLENT resistance that freed India in twenty years.
    Arabs have used VIOLENT resistance for sixty years and it has NOT freed Palestine.
    Isn’t it time to try Nehru’s method?

    1. i think it is time to define the symetry of violence here . and define it as well. when a palestinian is with no arms at all and is faced with an armoury of a state , the violence should be adressed to the israeli side. i agree that israel should learn non violent methods and tactics. i am not sure what is expected from a nation that is really under attack , oppression, injustice, apartheid, supremacy and arrogance of a state that claims victimhood while it kills in cold blood. israel since seventy years has been ethnically cleansing the population of palestine . in the last 20 years of oslo all those non violence with non violent president has been taught . the result is that territory no longer exists, we are sealed between separation walls checkpoints and settlements. how does the Nehru method apply here you think?

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