Not every maniac is a fool. …Netanyahu’s statement on the holaucost between cynicism and pure horror

Not every maniac is a fool. …Netanyahu’s statement on the hole cost between cynicism and pure horror

Netanyahu’s statement that broke the Internet since yesterday made more reactions than Kim Kardashian’s posing naked. No sane person on earth would have thought about that. I confess. This man is a hilarious. After all those decades of condemnation and demonizing to “poor” Hitler. Netanyahu comes out to declare to the world that it wasn’t Hitler’s intention to persecute the Jews. It was Palestinians through the Mufti of Jerusalem Amin al-Husseini.

Amid this whole horrific situation Netanyahu succeeded in bringing in a real massive wave of jokes, sarcastic comments, criticism, condemnation, even Germany had to make an official statement and insist on claiming the Nazi persecution to the Jews as exclusively theirs.

Israeli commentators from right to much fat left condemned his statement and many accused of bringing them disgrace.

Who is that man who persuaded poor Hitler to persecute the Jews? It was the question and answer of every single outlet and corner in Israel since yesterday.

The mufti Amin Husseini took the headlines… and even Abdel Qader Husseini joined him in this game name and was discussed as Amin Husseini by major Israeli analysts. Whether this is pure negligence and lack of knowledge or a real twisted in tension into confusing the Israeli public even knows it doesn’t matter. After all, it was a Palestinian and a Husseini, a name that is very common in Jerusalem that brought the persecution of the Jews by the Nazis.

It is only a nation that has a combination of naivety and resilience that can make it out through this undivine comedy.

While everyone is too involved in criticizing and making fun of Netanyahu’s statement. It is important to take a breath and see the photoshopped statement that Netanyahu made. After al Netanyahu is a maniac and no one denies it. I wouldn’t be surprised if he does as well. But this maniac is no fool, and most importantly he is the prime minister of Israel. Netanyahu was able to pull out the winning votes from the elections as someone who knew exactly to say what would make him get to his target.

Those votes that made Netanyahu win. Are the same people that Netanyahu spoke to in his statement? In the meantime, he was introducing a new wild stupid lie that if one continue to repeat may make some sounds.

Netanyahu was telling the Israelis who trust his words, and they are enough to make a maniac take power in this state, that the Palestinians are responsible for the Holocaust in a horrific authorization of executing Palestinians back.

What we are witnessing in the last weeks is not just fear in the streets. Reaction to a chaotic situation that a knife produces.

What we are witnessing is public executions in cold-blooded killing to Palestinian youth. What we are witnessing is just a continuation of the ethnic cleansing of the Palestinians that started with what became the Nakba. A non-stop effort to depopulate this land from its people in any given way and any given a chance.

Home demolitions, expulsion, prison, destabilizing the people mentally, physically and economically and whenever chance opens its wings for a quicker way to get rid of a Palestinian life, this state embraces the opportunity from all directions.

And while Netanyahu is publically calling the fanatics and the settlers and all those who voted for him that this is the time to avenge the real villain that led to their massive executions, even though he stated one time after the other that Palestinians never existed. This time these non-existent people are behind their exodus that gave them the land of the non-existent creatures.

While all this is happening. Every day witnesses new killings. Settlers still insist on going the Aqsa accompanied by soldiers and police amid the bloodshed that is not saving anyone from being the next on the interfaces of social media.

In the continuous disastrous history of the Palestinian people, each massacre drove us backward into our demands as a people of a land, until this moment, when we are standing in a position where we only ask for life. At the moment a life that bears some rights that some of us are ambitious in reaching as humans.

While Israel gains more with each loss of a Palestinian life, an obvious move is being on the tracks even though it is claimed not to be apparent.

Losing all hopes in anything that come out from the Palestinian leadership and the Arab world, this leaves us within the jaws of the apartheid and oppression while swallowing an incursion that can change the status of al-Aqsa while everyone is busy with stabbing stories and mufti vs. Hitler stories.

The passing of the new UNESCO resolution is an indicator of a threat that is approaching. A resolution that has been adopted without the major article that it was submitted for: recognizing the surrounding of Al Buraq that oversees the Aqsa as part of the Muslim Waqf.

The new resolution came with just a condemnation that criticized Israel for putting obstacles for freedom of prayer in holy sites. I didn’t realize how broad this condemnation is. So should Israel tomorrow allow everyone to go wherever he\she think is the place he wants to be for prayer?

The fact that Palestinian media didn’t mention anything about this resolution brings a concern to my mind.

While Palestinians are busy applauding Abu Mazen’s response to Netanyahu who accused him of being Da’esh. Abu Mazen responded by saying that it is Netanyahu not him who is hospitalizing them in hospitals in the north. Abu Mazen’s famous speech that we are not used to managed to bring him back to popularity. And Israelis are busy proving that Netanyahu was out of his mind for making such an outrageous statement with no sense of sense and sensibility.

Something is being cooked to force us into a harsher reality with more losses. The Zionization attempt of al-Aqsa as a continuation of the Zionization of the city and the land would bring us all into a horrific status of despair that will only increase hate and resentment.

Somehow, it appears that Israel’s plan is to increase the violence and the killing in an attempt to create a major shocking crime where people will get so scared and horrified, and then they will acclaim the temple mount … and the Palestinian leadership and the world will pretend that they didn’t know and they will condemn.

This only happens inside a nation that naivety is its characteristic, and resilience is what keeps it uprising towards its existence every time and then.

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