To whom it may concern ; Da’esh video is a nonsense we don’t buy

Isis publishes a video
To whom it may concern: WE REALLY DON’T CARE and on top of all WE DON’T Believe

It should be just out of the norm that a Palestinian is a product of conspiracy thinking. When it comes to Da’esh I confess I buy conspiracy-thinking ideals very much.
I don’t know if I am in a state of denial. I don’t want to see Islam with this brutality. Or I don’t want to believe that human beings are such savages. But after all I live under Israel, and this is a daily life.
The timing of the video, exactly after Netanyahu’s accusation to abu Mazen that he supports Da’esh and Abu Mazen’s response to him, is anything forms coincidence.
We have been used to those non-Arabic speakers of Da’esh in the videos of the killings. Arabic has really never been the language in many of their propaganda. But this fluent Hebrew speaking Daesh man is anything from being fostered in Iraq or Syria.
I still insist that I don’t buy the reality of Da’esh. All their brutal killings and savagely murders have something that blocks my instincts to believe. Something is more of a low cost movie that is happening. I may be wrong. I cannot deny I wish myself to be wrong. Especially realizing one day that all this has been a Hollywood movie. But yet the ideology that is spread is worse to me than the scenes of threats and murder they show.
In today’s media that all have a story that they insist to distribute as the sole and only truth or reality. One cannot but use his very own intuition in allowing such forced flow of images and information to get to us.
It doesn’t need my genius in realizing now that the intervention of Russia in the game exposed the U.S.A role in the Da’esh affair, besides the role of some Arab countries mainly Saudi Arabia and Qatar, Emirates. Israel has definitely been the Godfather and still is. The recent arrest to an Israeli general in Iraq within Da’esh is not the first of its series since the making of Daesh. It hasn’t been of any hidden news that Israeli is treating their fighters in its hospitals in the north. I wouldn’t even put a burden in questioning why and if Israel really needs such intervention. But Israel proved and still proves that it is a terror state. So this not strange. What is strange that they insist on undermining the public opinion in continuing to work on an agenda that we really don’t believe in?
Yes, it is true that such propaganda is not made for someone like me. It is made for the same voters that brought Netanyahu in to the government, and to the Arabs or Palestinians who can applaud to anything that can threaten Israel even in a video as such.
Given the fluent Hebrew, this person is either a hundred percent Israeli Jew, or an Israeli Arab. The Israeli Arab who may be ideally following Islamism wouldn’t put a Hebrew form of a dialect that is Ashkenazi with a French try to be accent. An accent that is definitely not French. He could be an Arabist, given the way he says the word inshalla any one can train on inshallah and it could ook Arabic. But again the Hebrew is not an imported Hebrew slang that is not fostered “home”. So if this was a fabricated Da’esh video, or if it was a real one. In both cases we didn’t buy it and believe in what is said.
I hope that the left liberal Israelis are smart enough not to believe that crap of video.
Daesh is dead meat. No one is interested in touching or eating.

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