smelling tear gaz… another norm of the day

so the university’s administration decided to make their own preventive procedures from any confrontations with the Israeli offense forces. and just to keep our life with the constant reminder of walls and fences, decided to build a wire fence all along the garden that confronts the Wall, so that they won’t give an excuse to the Israelis to shoot , and the students to throw stones. some negative results accompanied the last confrontation in the university, other than real life threats with bullets that broke in our offices. stone throwers who seemed to appear from all the surrounding village were in the university, and a lot of destruction on the property occurred.
I have to admit that those moments of confrontations are so horrific, you really cannot rationalize even your own state of mind. The amount of tear\nerves\pepper gas fired gets somehow on the nerves, and you feel that something insane overwhelms your body. I can’t get to that courage with those young people who can go to those fields of firing and face the soldiers with stones.
In all cases, it is practically impossible that a rock would be thrown from the University side after the new fence. It now seems like a prison inside a prison . but as long as we stay safe…
but.. a few minutes ago, while I was enjoying listening to some meditating Omar Khairat pieces I hear some loud explosions .well it wasn’t an explosion. they were just five six seven tear gas fired towards us. the street was empty, and no signs of anything that could drive them to the area appeared.
my colleague rushed to my office asking if anything happened to me, and I was like, what is going on . what was that noise. as smart as it gets we went out to see, to find some soldiers moving around collecting themselves in retreat position.
why did they do this?
maybe they were inspired by Netanyahu’s latest Nazi responsibility on us?
well. we don’t have to know.
life is just going back to its norms…
the patterns of occupation.

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