One state is the solution

One State is the Solution

For two decades, we have been filled with the notion of a two-state solution that was idealistically based on the least of expectations of any Palestinian. And yet, we thought, in the end, the power rules, and let’s start building our land with the minimal of the agreed upon the land.

As much as I realized that by the time Israel came into being in 1948, the Palestinian leadership then was as guilty as the British who facilities the making of the Zionist state, and the so-called Arab Revolution deal that included the creation of a state, the new Israel was not an innocent outbreed of coexistence.

The ideology of the establishment never seized to stop from using the term coexistence by selected people, the chosen ones opposite the others who will be there to serve them or else continue to upgrade the strategy of ethnic cleansing to fulfill the legacy of the people of no land to the land without people.

After seven decades of uprooting the people of Palestine from the land, and seize any opportunity to kill as many as possible within any given a chance. The strategy of the Israeli Zionist implementing vision didn’t change.

In the last thirty days, seventy-two Palestinians were killed; most of them were between the ages of sixteen and twenty-five. More than two thousand were injured. Over thirteen hundred were imprisoned. More houses were demolished. Farms were bulldozed, and tens of checkpoints have been added.

After seven decades of the creation of the Zionist state, all territorial boundaries of Palestine has been swallowed by the innocent refugee new state of the exiled Jews. With all the attempts of ethnic cleansing that includes expulsion, segregation, oppression, massacres and public executions.

The dream of a Palestine homeland with a defined territory does no longer exist in most Palestinian minds.

Today Palestinians fully realize that Oslo was nothing but a security check for Israel through a Palestinian assigned body to safeguard Israel from the Palestinians. The Palestinian Authority stands in the worse form at these moments when it failed to protect its people from the savage killings that continue to take place.

At this time in the Palestinian history, the promised state of bits of the land is no longer a state that most Palestinians want.  It is true that the immense oppression and the savagely murderous continuous attempts by the Israeli army and government kept the people far from making a revolution against the Palestinian Authority. But the PA had dug its last nail in the corpse throughout the last month when it continued to fail to protect its children from the Israeli coercive behaviors.

As the option of a Palestinian state fails completely. Netanyahu insistence of defying a Palestinian apparatus within a state came to a winning situation that of course doesn’t satisfy Netanyahu’s greed. Netanyahu doesn’t want a Palestinian state, and of course, he doesn’t want one state. He wants those Palestinian to be the thugs of this earth. He can exterminate whenever they increase. He would use whatever he needs. The rest he will continue to slaughter in sections and periods.

I firmly believe today, that we are entering a new era of this conflict, and the dissolving of the Palestinian Authority has become inevitable. If not tomorrow soon.

The strike that took out the Palestinian spirits to the streets again is unstoppable. The Palestinian public no longer buys a deal or a negotiation promise or an attempt of giving into Israel. Those young people who are getting killed have made the decision on behalf of all. They announced with each bullet their bodies took the death of a Palestinian state that was planned by Abu Mazen and woes by Netanyahu.

Today we know we are standing on the verge of a forced reality, of what the continued governments of Israel are insisting on keeping for the last two decades; the status quo of the forced in a new reality. The reality today that the Palestinian state is a non-existent status quo. It is a country that belongs to the few hundreds that may be benefitting from it with the coordination of Israel. The people have said their word.

Palestine is back to the Palestine we know. The Palestine that wrote itself on the map of history despite Israel, the British mandate, the Arab world, and the successive Palestine leaderships.

One state is the situation that by no time will be the only given solution where Israel will find itself in place of responsibility to its ongoing crimes.

One state where two people will carry within their homeland. One people will be oppressed, while the other will continue to think that they coexist.

Israel should be dealt with for what it is; an apartheid state that discriminates the people, and we Palestinians should start thinking towards getting to that option.

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