Dignity in a Stone

Trying to put some ration in all this, and only one word describes it all: Evilness.

So much hate back and forth in this outcome result of the two decades of a peace process.

A state of fear that is beyond all rations. Everyone is afraid of everyone else.

But yet …

The only ration is the irrationality of power.

A stone versus an army of control.

An army opposite a body that has a color and appearance of an Arab.

A knife that attempts to pass through oppression, injustice and discrimination.

Is it the power of the stone?

Or the intensity of humiliation and continuation of oppression?

As I was watching the confrontations of the stones and the bullets of today at campus, I couldn’t but feel the energy driven within those young people of a generation that was supposed to be fostered with a vision of peace. A generation that found it carrying a stone to confront oppression just likes their parents two decades before.

I keep asking myself, if some genes drive these kids our generation had injected in. an energy that brings it out from within. Or is it just a normal consequence of all what is taking place?

As much as I am driven with anxiety and fear during the coercion on the university. That army of weapons infront of students who burn a tire and bring a hammer to dig through a cemented wall.

The scene is becoming more of epic each time. A combination of hallucination and desire of an expectation of something that will never come true.

Each time that young man brings his hammer striking it through the wall knowing it will never even get close to an opening, but yet insists on trying. It feels like a session of emptying all the anger, all the suppression. All the fear that insists on haunting us all. The fear that this may be the last time we see the brightness of a day within an earth covered by a blue sky.

I look into the power of these young people’s hands carrying a stone screaming out all the oppression of the generations that surpassed them.

When Belfour almost a century ago, did he see what is still happening today? Did he really believe that these people were poor oppressed people who just needed a homeland?

With each confrontation as such … a stone versus a gun. I think of the evilness of occupation. The evilness of the creation of the state of Israel. The injustice of coercing people over people’s lives.

Injustice cannot sustain itself with the power of oppression and discrimination.

A stone in the hand of a Palestinian young boy and girl …

A dry tear in a mother who just lost her son or daughter …

A broken pain on a destroyed house …

A vein looks in a young man’s dignity that has just been publicly stripped out …

A century of evilness….

A century of resistance against injustice

A land that fills its thirst with the blood of young lives and continues to breed stones to fight for a life with dignity.

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