From Paris to Jerusalem; Terror is not disguised with religions’s governments using religion

It coincided that I was in France on the eve of the attacks in Paris. A state of chaos erupted. Everyone stood frozen in front of the TV. A strange feeling of numbness occurred inside me. I couldn’t grasp my emotions. But one thing definitely popped in my head at the instant; “ the world is becoming Palestine.” The whole situation seemed fogyish. For a moment I felt: “ is this karma?” but as everyone started defending Islam or accusing it as the responsible brain of the attacks, the clarity of the situation became evident to my mind. Definitely not to the whole world.

Answering all those questions on Islam. Is it a religion that promotes violence? Is it Muslims that are violent or terrorists? The answer is a straight yes. But don’t Christianity, Judaism, Buddhism produce violent people and terrorists as well? The answer is also a straight yes. Violence and terrorism are not an outcome of a religious teaching. It cannot be. I firmly believe that religions promote peace in their fundamental teachings. And religion produces people who from those lessons use religion to promote violence As Nawal Sa’dawi puts on the other verge of thinking: “ Religion is the embodiment of racism. All gods are jealous. People get killed because they are not praying to the right god. This refusal to criticize religion, this is not liberalism, this is censorship.”

It is not strange. It is the intolerance that the world enclave itself within. It is the present decisions inside our education that foster the racism of accepting others and classifying the world into black and white. Muslim and Christian. And so forth. And above all… the state of war and injustice that has been invading our world since decades.

The equation could be as simple as weapon-manufacturing countries versus weapon using countries. This enormous market of arms industry is leading our minds and emotions. While we denounce violence and terror from one side, we applaud the killings of the others from the other side. We all stood apart into two lines that are aligned against one another. Our victims. Your terrorists and vice versa.

The terror attack on Paris is a common consequence of the feeding of terror that France and the West have been actively part of in destroying Syria, Iraq, and other countries in the East in the last years. There is no sensible person today who doesn’t know that Isis is a pure creation of the west, to manipulate the situation in that part of the world. Who is feeding ISIS? Who is buying the oil they steal from Syria and Iraq? Who sells them a weapon? Who is securing their existence? Why choosing France? It could be as simple as the accessibility of France as an open country. It is no coincidence that most of Isis people carry European citizenships. These people are an outcome of a previous life of discrimination as an unwanted minority, forgetting the long years of colonializing the western part of the Arab world. It is no wonder that deals could have been done inside French lands in buying and selling arms facilitating this through French-speaking people. This has all been under the supervision of the governments. Isis is a terrorist group that has been founded to terrorize the Arab world and sometimes it gets mad and threatens its creators.

The victims are always people, like us, who want to believe that justice should prevail. That the notions of equality are right. That our governments are there to protect us.

Everyone is responsible from the moment one believes that his safety can be on account of the other. Whoever this other is. The moment we agree to believe that it is religions that promote violence not people manipulating faith.

Why doesn’t it occur to people amid the chaos of anger and despair, that Muslims were victims of the Paris attacks? That Muslims have been the victims of these. Groups such as ISIS, Nusra, Qaida and others. The norm has been attacking Muslims under the name of attacking infidels. Maybe because these people are not Muslims? The acts of violence and terror these people perform are acts of hate, and never exceed the crime. These are acts of criminal, gangs, who live in terror as a business.

The sad thing is. That we people, continue to buy their merchandise. And instead of unifying against them we promote their existence in becoming more intolerant and ignorant.

Why would a Palestinian like me think, the world has become Palestine? It may not just be a Palestinian self-centered view. It is no coincidence the Swedish minister of foreign affairs said it in the aftermath of the terror attacks in Paris. No coincidence that the Dutch head of socialist party dared to declare the same position later. It is no accident that many think the same way but dares not to announce.

It is exactly like blaming the refugees for the attack … the denial of the connection of the Israeli brutality on the Palestinians.

Today we are witnessing a unification of the world against terror that is not just over there in the other part of the continents or the other part of the country, or it happens to them not us. It is with each time we decide to stand as bystanders to oppression, to injustice, to wars on others that we become actively part of that creation of terror.

When Palestinians rushed in solidarity with France raising the French flag, it wasn’t an approach in saying that we are Muslims, we defy this. No. It was saying. We are people who live under terror at this very moment from months that your memory can grasp now. For decades. That the world thought that our resilience is submission or adaptation.

We need to unify as people against the terror that our governments create and foster. And use us as the excuse to go on.


  1. I think this is by far the most profound introspective *and* inclusive piece on terror I have read in a very long time. Phenomenal. As with my own battling away with my words, I wonder: will it make a dent? Will we wake up? Or will we keep on going with our tribalistic, reptilian-brain “us and them” behavior?

    1. thank u … i actually was thinking how meaningful it would be.. sometimes i write and i am not sure readers will really get to what i want to say .. part of it is the continuous roaming in my head , and part of it the different worlds we come from.. thank u for ur note .. it is highly appreciated )

  2. Nadia, none of our worlds are really that very different. In every place are the haves and have nots, those with compassion, those who oppress – even in these places that say they foster “democracy” and “freedom.” I agree with Autumn Sky. All I can say is Amen.

    1. i can join ur prayers with Amen as well.. being a good muslim i will tell u a verse of the quraan that i am proud of : “O mankind, indeed We have created you from male and female and made you peoples and tribes that you may know one another. Indeed, the most noble of you in the sight of Allah is the most righteous of you. Indeed, Allah is Knowing and Acquainted.”

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