memories … some years ago like today

and this is an oldie from 2012…. my Hamas moments )))

Abbas being marginalized???Hamas being supported????
As the murder and destruction of people and properties continue, and people become numbers once again. All involved sides start to gain political points. The question becomes if Abbas is being excluded or marginalized? If there is a political game that has been designed from e beginning to get to this result?
It is maybe all right.
At this moment ban ki mon is speaking in Ramallah and started his speech with ” it has been a pleasure for him to be here for the second time” fun!!!!
Mr. Abbas is speaking, and I look at him and think. Is he being excluded or is he getting too old? Is he a poor man or he is simply a man with no charisma of a leader?
As he still presents himself as the president of all Palestinians, and as the civilians in Gaza are being killed under the vicious attacks and bombardment of the Israeli military war machine. He can still go to Gaza and be there with his people. Instead of receiving Clinton who’s applauding for Israel and give them the green line to their aggression on his people.
And from another side, Israeli ” so-called ” leftists, ask Hamas to stop playing its murderous intentioned rockets and demand with their colonialist government that WE condemn Hamas and are waiting for Palestinian ” non-violent” voice.
Between a super pragmatic Abbas and a pretentious Israeli peace-links…we remain to be Hamas…



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