Pride in being a terrorist

Pride in being a terrorist.

My words could be confusing, but I will try to tell the story behind…

I actually read Haaretz and Ynet when I want to know about actual happenings. Palestinian media actually takes its sources from them, and somehow it’s a bonanza in the Palestinian media. It feels like being trapped in a traffic jam not knowing what caused its jam and speculations and rumors are the only feedback you receive… but the Israeli media is an outcome of a Zionist fostered engine that no matter what the approach they use is, remain energized by the system that feeds it.

So I read about us in the Israeli media, and usually, I am more conscious when I read Ynet knowing its less leftist approach than Haaretz. So I would be prepared. But Haaretz always surprises me in times of conflicts like this one. No matter what the story is, inside the Israeli media, the Palestinian is the terrorist. It feels like an organized gang that called it terrorists in front of the soldiers that defend the country.

It is a soldier versus a terrorist.

Luckily they make a distinguish. In an article in Ynet yesterday. It was a teenager girl who was underage, and a terrorist who stabbed some people among them was a Palestinian.

It sounds like we are called Palestinians until we become terrorists.

I identified so much with this word in the last two months, and I feel like walking with a band saying “ terrorist.” I seriously feel like walking and saying; Hello there I am a terrorist.

As if being a Palestinian and being a terrorist is the same.

So somehow, I am becoming fond of the word. I am Palestinian until I become a terrorist. And it is so easy to become one.

I promise I won’t do it intentionally … I am too much of an idealistic, pacifist, and nonviolent deep within me. But accidents can happen.

It happens to me each time I am driving my car through Israeli streets. Which are practical crosses all my paths? Each time I stop at a traffic light. Each time I am less careful. Each time I see a passerby or someone stopping at a bus stop. I think what if anything happened now and an accident took place…

I will be in an instant a terrorist …

My mind quickly carries me within an imagination of a scene of my Israeli friends who would say, we were friends of the terrorist. They will still say good words about me, but I will be the terrorist.

Terrorist sounds like a new synonym to a martyr in our vocabulary … and actually worse… a synonym for being a Palestinian.

I am receiving it with pride. ( I have to admit that I am even worried in posting this .. I don’t want to become a terrorist prisoner after all )


  1. In the history of any oppressed people, the oppressed are the terrorists. Especially when they are the indigenous people having their land taken over by invaders, be they indigenous peoples of the Americas and Australia or Tibet? Or the Africans taken as slaves? Or the minority Muslims in China and Japan. But, we all know who the real terrorists are, the ones who profit from the weapons they sell, the lies they spread, and the oppression they encourage.

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