In toleration of intolerance

A news title caught my attention this morning. I was thinking I was more tolerant towards Israeli story recently after frequently scrolling through Ynet. I was reading an article about a particular unit that is growing to fight “terrorism” “us,” and the heroic investigative article and operation they held in Anata some days ago. I was also taken by an article that exposes Arab media that calls for the Arab youth to stay away from individual media pages, on Facebook such as that of the army spokesperson. There was also an interesting article about the fuss that was made by the Israeli ministry of foreign affairs against the French consulate in Jerusalem and the cultural center that was posting a vacancy or something stating that the location is in East Jerusalem (Safra Square). I do understand that East Jerusalem today is those roads that are somehow alienated slowly from the old city and some neighborhoods along the settlements. I do know that the Israeli public doesn’t need to learn anything about the green line and what is “official” East and what is official “West.” After all, Oslo stated that Jerusalem is in the final stage of a never immediate solution.

Again and again, despite my sensitivity in reading Israeli headlines and what comes inside them, they remain more credible than the Palestinian media.

There is no reliable source for media inside Palestine except that of Israel, especially these days. Our news states headlines with no context. A Palestinian executed and becoming a Shahid, and then rallies in funerals, bereaved families or celebrating. It is all becoming the same. Big silence at the government end. Everything seems like another day of business. The president receives a visitor; the prime minister issues vacation days and open ceremonies. Salaries are the same argument. Hamas and Fateh are still fighting and accusing each other.

In the Israeli media, you can also see the soft side of the Netanyahu’s, with an article about their dog that bit a Knesset member and the story of the saving of that dog by the Netanyahu son.

Among the other beautiful things that show the best of the Israeli society is today’s article: Gay Iranian poet flees persecution, finds himself in Israel.

No one told him of course that three people were stabbed and killed last year in the gay parade in Jerusalem. After all, anonymous killings by fanatic “minorities” don’t count.

I had to read through the whole article to see if this Iranian was a Muslim. Information that was skipped all along the article. I did some little research to be assured that Tehran has 13 active synagogues, five Jewish schools, two kindergartens and a 100-bed Jewish hospital. They have active communities in Shiraz, Isfahan, and Kermanshah. (

I am sure it is not the best place to be a first class citizen in a country like Iran in accordance to what we learned from the west. And I am sure a second-class citizen in a Jew wouldn’t be too much of a luxury.

What made me think that the man is a Jew that in the description of his looks in the article and later in the photo they have for him a Star of David is tattooed on his neck.

Of course, I don’t care if the man comes to Israel or he doesn’t. He is fleeing or not. He is a gay or not … that Israel is the haven for gays or not.

That part of eluding the reader is what marks our minds. The moment we read the word Iran and Israel. Coming together, it quickly reflects the title that was carefully put for that article.

But more to a Palestinian like me was the sentence that the article started with: …He is visiting Israel, Iran’s archenemy and a country known for its tolerance towards gays.

Israel tolerance towards something.

A word I find myself asking every single day (no exaggeration) when I pass the checkpoint with a smile from the beautiful Israeli soldiers who think that I cannot be a Palestinian (using my psychological tips on just moving in front of them as an Israeli. with my Arab, Israeli, Italian, confusing Spanish appeal).

What if they made a decision to treat us with some tolerance? What if they just make people pass without this dehumanizing technique that is branded with intolerance. What if they look into these Palestinian eyes and tell him you are a fellow human. Not that “goyim” education that is so natural, it makes classifications fall into an average order of a country that intolerance is the tattoo that engraves it with the enclaves of apartheid and discrimination.


  1. SIGH….

    Your percipience is astounding at times… Such clarity of thought, and expression, in a language not your native tongue is exceptional, for anyone, of any gender, nationality, race, or any other artificial label one wishes to use…. You, my lady epitomize. for me, a human being….. I once heard the term “a Great Soul” used to apply to someone exceptional…. I believe it can be applied to your spirit without fear of error….

    You are absolutely right; how would the world change, if everyone began to look at one another as a ‘human’ without any other labels? Very different, to be sure….

    Sadly, it can be easily shown how Israeli/Jewish attitudes have been effectively promoting their own brand of bigotry for more than 5,000 years, since the time before the Old Testament of the Christian Bible. It is their attitude that every other religion in the world wants to persecute, and/or, destroy them as a culture; they have always been wrong, but, it doesn’t change their delusions of persecution….

    So, with such a strong cultural delusion controlling all their actions in re: other religions & peoples outside The Tribe, I see little chance of their culture changing any time soon, any more than I would expect it of the Saudi culture, or the Chinese culture, or Russian, American, or any other human culture, ALL of which are based on the delusion their own race/nation/category is more important, and more entitled than any of the others….

    It’s too bad, too, because there are also a lot of GOOD people in the world, such as yourself, and others, who simply are trying to make sense of a world gone mad, whose populations are very close to the edge of pure psychosis….

    Excellent said, all of it….

    gigoid, the dubious

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