Another Historic speech !!

After today’s historic speech of the President, I felt that writing to him is an obligation.

Of course, I hope he will never read what I wrote or his people. But I have to admit that I felt good after doing this. I hope this will not end in throwing me in prison and turning into a real Nawal Saadawi. I have no interest in tasting the experience of jail … neither by my authority nor by the occupation. I will collapse after the first stir into my eyes.

But …

Sometimes we have to do what we have to do…

Someone from this nation. From the people has to tell him what I wanted to say him.

He cannot just appear on us once in every blue moon and then says nothing and leaves.

It is good that we are informed suddenly about his speeches. So it will be fewer speculations and analysis. And as usual this time, we entered the same questions: is he leaving? And who is next? Would he announce the end of the PA?

Of course, he wants …

This time he made it very clear. He is neither leaving nor dissolving the PA. He confirmed his stay.

I thought at least we needed that confirmation.

His speech was as usual with nothing of any meaning. He confirmed things that we may not want to re-hear, such as his position towards the alliance with Saudi Arabia… that Hamas doesn’t want elections. That he wants reconciliation but they don’t. That Egypt has the right to close the borders. That he wants a two state solution with 67 borders and East Jerusalem as the capital, and that he wants an international summit where they resolve the Palestinian issue, and we deserve that like Syria, Sudan, and Iraq. He also said that he wants international security support… and the Arab initiative should be approved…

After hearing all this, I must have gone to all the Palestinian people: Ohhhhhhh with a wide-open mouth.

So I found myself addressing the president with a letter, that I still pray no one will read.

But I seriously put my questions …

Or let me say demands as people.

It is only one demand…


He really can still do it, and he doesn’t have much time.

It is true that we worry that he is old. It is a viable concern, even though he seems healthy enough to live forever. Which is exquisite. The whole question of who will come next is horrifying. The next day after him the Palestinian many want to be presidents will suck the hell out of everything in this country.

We are already fighting over the folklore dance, and we split into nations as a result.

This whole fragmentation of the country. The oppression, the killing. The absence of actual hopeful horizons will all lead to an explosion that is inevitable.

The only way out is announcing elections and conducting it.

We need new blood. New hopes. New horizons.

The nation has been drained out into droplets of one faction over the other. Corruption is all that defines the Palestinian Authority. Education, culture, and ethics …everything is in a state of explosion.

When the president mentions a Palestinian state on the 67 borders. What does he mean? What are the borders and how can they be defined when everything is contained inside settlements and separation apartheid walls and checkpoints that became borders.

What does he mean when he says we need international forces. What has been the Palestinian security training about since Oslo when one-third of the budget goes to them?

What is the Arab initiative other than a reconciliation of the Arabs with Israel within the current ongoing events on the ground?

What is the solution that is like Syria and Yemen and Sudan that he wants?

How come he wants this, and he still insists that the PA is a solid structure and an achievement?

And what is the holiness and the Waqf of Palestine? The president himself announced that he is not for the refugee return. He doesn’t seem to know more than the Muqata’a as Palestine.

We hear about Palaces that are built under donor’s money that should build Palestine. And the PA eternal structure is just to some beneficiaries of the situation.

I was briefly watching the speech. With two females on his left and right. One of them is the mayor of Bethlehem, and the other is the minister of justice. In my country. If you are a Christian, a woman, and Fateh you are likely to become a minister. Thanks to the quota. The scene seemed a bit of ridiculous. A scene carefully prepared to set an impression of a liberal image with two women on the sides of the president. Everything that appears seems catastrophic event coordination and preparation of such incidents.

Everything is going towards an immense destructive fall…

Only elections can make a move towards some hope.

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