flying with love .. Ben gurion airport 

People envy me for Travelling !!!! If people would just know how convenient it is to be at Ben Gurion airport. Squeezed with the particular number 6 number with charm. Good news. It is not for Palestinians only… It is a number designed to suspected terrorists in a series of figures that start with one and end at six… What happens later could be rape not sex if one would evaluate the experience … It does actually include physical intervention so the I in the six can be cordially substituted with e.

Out of my sexual thoughts and disturbances…

The best part is the lovely inspectors or whatever they call them. They deal with the people like retards. As if they are trained to deal with special need cases like potential terrorists among all those in the line.

Of course, I have the luxury of saying that because being a terrorist in disguise is the synonym for being a Palestinian . I feel sorry for those nice shocked non-Palestinians who are treated like us…

To be continued. My turn


  1. I understand…I have friends that live on the “wrong side” of town and every time I visit the cops pull me over and ask me all sorts of questions….not as invasive as being treated like a terrorist but they assume way too much…have a great day my friend….chuq

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